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  1. Enjoy Mickey but before... send my watches back!!! [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji48]
  2. He shows a lot of movements but in the description he's referring to a specific movement which was damaged while replacing it.
  3. Trusty and King as well... but King 60 USD more expensive...
  4. I guess I'll take one... and now... "I have chosen my watch... now choose the dealer"
  5. I asked it because maybe I go for the same thing... I would appreciate a clue
  6. A "nasty question": ow much did you finally pay for the whole project? (If we may know)
  7. I had the gen in my hands at Z
  8. I bought same watch to King 2 years a go... not the same that in pic (and the pic was the same as yours)... the number in the bezel were no so well engraved and black ink went away very soon...
  9. May I know vendor mail and how much was the band? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks TT... long time not modding any post
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