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  1. ogladio

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Gen dial HH 5514
  2. Magnificent! By saying ”all custom”, does that include case and dial? Would be very interested if there were a spare set around...
  3. ogladio

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Rolli 202/a
  4. ogladio


    Yum yum!
  5. ogladio

    Show the PAM combo you choose today

    202/a on B-Uhr strap
  6. ogladio

    PreV mahogany

    Magnificent workmanship, very impressed with these boxes.
  7. ogladio

    Rolex Wristies thread

  8. ogladio

    Silix 3646 case Help

    PM sent!
  9. ogladio

    Silix 3646 case Help

    Hmm, to me this looks like a standard Silix case. The Silix is not gen spec with a "sandwich design" (ie threaded midcase ring) - the bezel is press fitted to the mid case and a 6497 fits without any extra rings. Have you tried just fitting your parts? Crown looks custom though and could need some work (retapping hole, securing crown tube of right size etc) - a way around this is just to find a standard silix crown. Depends on how much mod work you wish to learn and do.
  10. ogladio

    Rolex 6542 GMT Gilt Frankenstein

    Stunning! Do share some more info.