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  1. Rolex Wristies thread

  2. Silix 3646 case Help

    PM sent!
  3. Silix 3646 case Help

    Hmm, to me this looks like a standard Silix case. The Silix is not gen spec with a "sandwich design" (ie threaded midcase ring) - the bezel is press fitted to the mid case and a 6497 fits without any extra rings. Have you tried just fitting your parts? Crown looks custom though and could need some work (retapping hole, securing crown tube of right size etc) - a way around this is just to find a standard silix crown. Depends on how much mod work you wish to learn and do.
  4. Rolex 6542 GMT Gilt Frankenstein

    Stunning! Do share some more info.
  5. Parts compatibility

    Most probably not. The WL case is a 3 piece design 3646 style, where bezel and caseback screws onto the movement ring. On the 6154, it's onto midcase itself. But... I've never tested, so you never know
  6. Franken 1016 questions

    Send the 16030 case to rolojack, he does wonders transforming 160xx cases to 1016 spec. Re the Yuki bracelet - my endlinks fit great to my 1601 case. However, it is an odd bracelet with those fixed endlinks (you'll also have to enlarge to fit fat spring bars).
  7. Space-Dweller Variations

    No expert herr either, but quick googling seem to confirm they're from 1963 - ie gilt era.
  8. Space-Dweller Variations

    Weren't they all gloss gilt??
  9. 1/13/2017 wtisties...

  10. Jan 11th 2017

    Pre comex 5514