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  1. Hello, I am trying to keep myself sane during lockdown by teaching myself how to service movements. Unfortunately my tweezers were not fine enough and two or three parts from my clone 7750 pinged into the air never to be seen again. I just wondered if anyone in the UK had any old broken 7750 movements or parts kicking about that they might want to sell me so I can keep practising? Thanks, Tom
  2. I could be wrong, but I'm sure i've seen him wearing a Bremont recently. It was only a matter of time before the watch companies realised that sending the Top Gear team free watches was a marketing stroke of genius...driving supercars with their wrist right next to the passenger seat camera. Jammy gits
  3. I collect dozen's of packages a week from the Royal Mail as I run a business on Ebay. I have never been given a package without providing them with ID. No matter what you say, or how far you've come they will not give you the package. Otherwise you could just find the red card on the street and taken it in. I seriously doubt anyone would risk losing their job by not asking for ID.
  4. Not sure these can have been made with a genuine as I am 99% sure that you cannot get this chrono in PVD or Salmon. They have a 10th Anniversary Chrono but there is no date window and it has a '10' on the dial... A little artistic license from the factory maybe?
  5. I'm going to stick around for the non-chrono versions. I'm hoping now they've done the case it won't take long before this is out. The chrono is too busy for me, and this is a fantasy watch. Bring on the non-chrono!!!
  6. "made with gen as sample" not sure a chinese replica watch factory is going to shell out on a $25,000 watch to make replica's from, especially when it's a franck muller and so only appeals to a minority (myself included) if it was made with a genuine they must be pretty bad at their job if there are such obvious flaws...
  7. Nicole Scherzinger's going to get smashed up tonight And Massa.... bad luck but nice watch...
  8. I think football's a great way of keeping people out of prison and off the streets. Now Rugby - that's a proper man's game.
  9. I got another set from my friendly dealer - he didn't even charge me either. Thats your best port of call.
  10. Here are some images. Note that the dents are very shallow and any kind of strain and the springbars just pop out. Is this what they are all like?
  11. A bit like Kaiser Soze...one minute he was there, and the next he was gone.....
  12. Shameless bump - can nobody help me? Someone must have bought one of these for their other halves?
  13. Is it a 2183 or a 4183 or neither? Need to replace mine and they all look the same, just different thicknesses.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get another handset for my (asian) vintage rolex. I've buggered them up. I have asked my dealer who is looking into it, but I wondered if there was someone on the Bay?
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