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  1. I only have casino... Guys... This gp discussion... Wtf hahah
  2. Don't be offered.. My new friend. It's just have to take the rough with the smooth... That said they are fully sold out but thanks for your interested.... Sorry I couldn't entertain your request...
  3. Thanks for the support.. But will not be building anymore gps. Apart from my own!
  4. To the lucky 10.. Just finalizing the plot fitting.. As you can see now the perfect fitted gen strap.. Thanks to J for his help
  5. Want both nuts please that's just part payment :=
  6. for the non believers ..enjoy J12 http://vid1178.photobucket.com/album...psubjznf91.mp4
  7. Just 1 left.. Waiting for confirmation.. I think I'll be totally sold out!
  8. I need permission from mods buddy or i would be in violation of fourm rules.. There is only 4 left now
  9. zorro GP shop open now very limited run fully modded gp http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=246693
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