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  1. Looks gen, but from what I recall these dials may not fit without a lot of modding.
  2. Is the 3719 the Slevin? Simply gorgeous.
  3. 005 sausage lume is always inaccurate. The gen has a pronounced curvature, while the rep is nearly a block. I think the 111 is still better even with the inaccuracy of the movement.
  4. Thanks Cromag. My dial surface is very similar, but the markers are definitely off.
  5. I would, but Vac did a Skyland relume for me once. He just glossed over the top, and I thought what I paid would be to straighten the poor globs the factories did. Long story short, he refunded all my money and said he wouldn't work any more stuff for me. Speedy is really my only option left. He's been great. Worked on my Franken PO, but long wait times.
  6. The hair is right at the hour hand, but like I mentioned its really hard to see. To me you really need to do the AR. I haven't been active, and really don't know who can do that right now. Then you got to open the thing and clean the dial. I've had this watch away more than I've had it on my wrist, and this is really why I am letting it go. Good news it the Asian 7750 movement is running strong. Forgot to mention these have modded day and date.
  7. Maybe two or three years ago this was at Texski. This has been a long project watch for me. I got the dial from eBay user Magic Castle or castle magic, anyways he had a lot of Breitling dials so I asked if he could get IWC. I got a used dial and hands from him. Then, it was off to Goin for a relume, and all of it eventually went to Texski. Took about 6 months to finally get things back. Watch looked fine, but it wasn't until a subsequent cleaning that I noticed the hair. Honestly, this is really hard to notice because it matches the black dial so well. And the hair is tiny. Then I had the scratches on the crystal. I hesitate to say they are scratches, because they are tiny blotches. These things bothered me so much that I just wrapped the watch up in a microfiber towel and left it alone for about a year.
  8. The reason I went to Texski was because Speedy had such a long waiting list. Speedy did a fantastic job with my Planet Ocean, and now his wait time is over 3 months. I'll get some pictures when I can. But, its I think it might be time to ditch the project.
  9. I have a 3717 Franken with a Gen Dial and Hands, and aftermarket double AR. I got the crystal from TAKA, and while it was perfect there seems to be some spots of imperfection now. My guess is some cleaning chemical got on it. Unfortunately, its not perfect. Dial - Got a gen dial and gen hands on eBay and the dial was relumed by Goin in Taiwan. Everything was sent to Texski for him to do his magic. I did not get his magic. However, at this point I am just happy to get it back. The dial is good, the print is sharp, but there is a small hair on the dial. You can never see it because it matches the dial so well, however every time the hour or minute hand passes you can see it faintly. With all these imperfections I feel like it's time to just let it go. After all the shipping and the original watch from Puretime I have spent over $1000. How much is this thing worth?
  10. GMT hand is also not as bright as the gen. This is a handsome watch, and I wish some maker would just get it right.
  11. seafoam - can you comment on the sweep? Which version did you get?
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