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  1. Yup Iwc dosent sell the 79350 with second modules.. And what sucks at the rep is the second module at 6!
  2. Yes mybe it's just a bad batch from the printer? But I think TC should have noticed!
  3. Damn, Mickey let me know if the ones you got looks like this ! Looks nothing like the V4 used before.. To bold and bleeding edges.
  4. Would love to see a video of this running
  5. Wow really nice! I cant belive the amount of tine whoopy most have spent on these dials! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. I think its easier to get the un-engraved case through customs in US! That the only reason I can come up with:P edit: Great job JMB! You are a man of many skills!
  7. Sadly, I dont think that is possible. If you don´t have some really good guanxi.. e
  8. 100% gen! Look at those bezel numbers, dial and the finnish of the 3186!!!! Thats a bargain......[emoji87]
  9. Damn that 16660 is awesome!
  10. The movement is a 3135 clone so no. And even with the right movement the case is a rep and they will see that But on the wrist this will be legendary!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. Looks like its a path that all rep collectors walk. After a couple of years you end up with the Big Crown Project? Some years ago i hated them but now all i feel is that i need one:)
  12. No i don't think we got a movement with the correct sundial spacing
  13. Really like it! Looks like it´s been a true tool watch back in the days
  14. I bought a case from JMB and it looks awesome. But the dial is the hard part.. thinking about buying a manhand dial from bay slap it in but the fonts are funny looking:(
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