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  1. bjarneb

    Airplane Flight simulator

    Thanks Legend. When it matters pations and hobbies we don't always spend our money wisely
  2. bjarneb

    Airplane Flight simulator

    Thanks mate. That what I started with too. Actually that was the most fun, because that is when I learned what all the [censored]s and stuff was for. Not to mention when I had my first ILS landing. Think that was the best simulator experience I ever had, because I spent so much time learning how to figure it out
  3. Being a bit more than average interested in airplanes I have been using the Microsoft Flight Simulator for some years. Functions are pretty much same as on real airplanes. Since boys never grow up I took it a bit further and got myself a cockpit replica of a Boeing 737. Pretty cool to have a beer and a flight actually. Some friends who have been afraid of flying actually feel more confident after playing with it since they know more about how safe it really is Guess I need a Breitling now.
  4. bjarneb

    Spot the fake ... ?

    I obviously know which is fake and which is not. Looking at the dial very close I can spot one mistake, the Rolex logo is not 100% adjusted on the fake. Doesn't show too good on the images though. Was not aware of the difference between the pushers. Can see it now though, but have to say that fakes are getting seriosuly identical nowadays.
  5. bjarneb

    Spot the fake ... ?

    Hi all. Getting married soon and was sure of one thing regarding to which to wear. It had to be a Daytona 116509. White or Yellow gold was the big question though. So I bought the one I finally decided for. However, I bought a fake version of the one I left out. For me it is difficult to see which one is fake. I can only feel it when I hold both in my hands, the genuine is 3 times as heavy. Guess the experts here can spot a difference within seconds
  6. Thanks alot for the recommendation of using SSTEEL !! He has fixed the watch now and the whole process was such a good experience that I almost hope it breaks down again so I can use his services one more time Thumbs up for an extremly service minded and great watchsmith!
  7. Thanks Kernow, will contact him
  8. So this is not something a watchsmith would be able to fix fast and easy? It is basicaly a bad movement?
  9. Thanks a lot Sogeha ! I might try my local one and hope he doesn't throw me out of the shop .. If he does I will contact the Belgium one, I travel there several times every year.
  10. I bought a AD Royal Oak on a shopping mall in Malaysia a while ago. A beauteful peace of art actually, and I payed $600 for it. The seller claimed it was from JF factory. I have a problem though. I goes like a charm for some days but suddenly it stop. Makes no difference if I wind it manually or shake it like if I was epileptic. Then suddenly it starts working again after several hours. Not too keen to take it to a watch dealer here since it is obviously is a fake watch. But will do if that is the only solution to make it work fine since it is way too cool to throw away. What would a wise man do?
  11. Hi all .. Been member here for ca 10 years and have made a post almost every year. So I am in the inner circle now I guess .. My first rep was when I got my hands of a beauteful watch on a business trip at Chenzen, China. Thought the logo was a bit strange, but after I found out that most people in East Asia pronounce R as L (Like "Malbolo" for cigarettes) I knew it was a real one. Later on, my interest for watches grew, thanks to the rep (leplica) society actually. I still could not affford a Lolex watch with an R, but it was still a dream. In 2006 I bought my first Lolex. And this time it was a real one .. with an R .. GMT 2, black dial. I remember I was bit dissappointed because it was so light. Thought it would weight like 2 kg's since it was real one. I felt the money spent were soo wasted. From that time to now, life has been good and it is easier to make priorities. I still kind of use my money on watches. Simply because a watch is a peace of art. There are 3 million copies of a Mona Lisa painting. But if you own an authentic one, then you will know the feeling. Now I own 3 Mona Risa paintings. Bought them in Chenzen, what a nice city and friendly people . I will get married next year (!), and have one simple question actually (sorry for the bla bla above). I will wear a gold Rolex Daytona, green dial in the wedding. It is a beauteful peace of art. Is it worth it to pay for a gen? Or would a rep be just as good? Ot just buy a rep first to get the feeling of it on the hand? It's a huge amount of money to spend, so I am in serious doubts here. Have a nice weekend And by the way .. who has the best rep? ...
  12. Here are some prices from Doha Airport, Qatar. March 2017 DAYTONA: USD 25 135 GMT GOLD/STEEL. USD 11 605 SUBMARINER GOLD/STEEL: USD 11 962 YACHTMASTER STEEL: USD 10 367 TAG HEUER, HEUER 01: USD 4 070 (Very tempting to buy this one actually ...)
  13. Just got this beauty in my own country Norway actually. Since my girlfriend is not from EU we got a tax refund, so the price was USD 7.640. Peace of luck that it was in stock since the model usually has a waiting list here.
  14. bjarneb

    Frequent travellers ?

    Isnt it a good feeling? The next trips are only local flights, instead of inter continental ones. Stockholm Sweden this week, and Brussels and Amsterdam next week. Any tips for hotels in Amsterdam btw? Luxury, but still close to the city centre.
  15. bjarneb

    Frequent travellers ?

    Thanks, will check out more info on both of these hotels. Hooters is never wrong !! Loved the view from the Hilton hotel room by the way. It's like a beauteful post card