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  1. I've been waiting for GF to release their V2 of the Superocean II 44 (Andrew from Trusty told me its due soon and will be better than noob) But now it seems Breitling have released a new version of the superocean will a more classic simpler dial. https://www.breitling.com/au-en/watches/superocean/?search[ref]=&search[sorting]=newest What do you think of it? NEW SUPEROCEAN AUTOMATIC 44 Looks like the case is the same so rep factories would just need to do the bezel, dial and hands. Any idea how long it takes them or when we could expect to see them? I'm undecided untill I start seing some real pics or videos. Strangely there is something special about the busier dial of the Superocean II but I do also like the simpler classic look of this new one SUPEROCEAN II 44 OLD SUPEROCEAN AUTOMATIC 44
  2. Reject all day long! 12 crooked and lume spill on 9 hr marker. Factory needs to lift their game. They can do it trust me. Ive rejected 4 watches to get the correct one. Why is it only the omega? My brietlings no problem. Old UPO no problem. Reject all the way
  3. Your correct 12 is crooked and would drive me crazy. Who cares what other members say. But if your happy enjoy.
  4. I miss my modded UPO. If there were still some out there with SS bracelet I would be all over it and mod it again.
  5. Received my CrPO and Im actually leaning toward that so I think my UPO will go up for sale Stay tuned
  6. I remember when I bought the same watch about 4 years ago in Bangkok before I knew about this website and the large community. I paid about $50 and when I held it I was so impressed with it. Knowing what I know now and what a good rep actually is, made me feel so silly for wearing it. This is not a good rep, far from it, apart from all the obvious tells, it just looks cheap. The clasp looks like it has been made with a pair of tin cutters
  7. So I've finished some mods on my V5 UPO with Swiss movement and thought I would take some pics to share. Im quite happy how the pearl and insert turned out although wish it sat a little higher in the triangle. - Gen Dial & Hands - Modded wholesaleoutlet Insert with CrPO pearl I removed the WO pearl and drilled 2mm hole to fit the CrPO pearl, filed down the insert to fit UPO bezel. I have thought about getting the AR done on the crystal but not sure if its worth it. I have ordered a Noob CrPO on black rubber which I will wear most of the time so thinking I will reserve the UPO as more of a dress up watch because of the bracelet and it will fit under my cuffs of shirt. OR I may decide to sell it... Now for the pics. Hope you Enjoy.
  8. LOL just fixed this myself. If anyone else has this prob here is what I did Edge of kitchen bench with towel. Straighten the bracelet out to push the endlink against case then with some pliers push very hard against the little tabs but more toward the case side Results
  9. Hi everyone, have the older UPO and something that has bothered me is the play in the end link. I dont believe it is a pin issue but more a endlink one. Here you can see the gaps on the lug and case near bezel. Here is how i want it to look. When you straighten the bracelet or push down the endlink I think the problem is this gap here. I have tried adjusting the little taps And lastly is this gap normal on a UPO clasp? Many thanks
  10. Loving this watch and want. Have the superocean 44 and fits well. Worried this is to big and tall?? Can anyone help? I also have Omege UPO 45mm
  11. Superocean 44 Abyss. Super rep it is. When i look at this with a loupe its very very close to my gen Omega PO as far as dial quality. Bezel and bracelet are amazing as well
  12. How do you find the fitment? Firstly it takes me ages to fit it as the spring bar doesnt line up and i dont know if Ive stuffed it but the gap on the left is annoying me. New strap or bars fix this??
  13. thegrail, i have a spare new one from my dealer. Should be the new improved version no fade. Pm if interested can email pics
  14. 9 hour maker the lume is not sraight. Had the exact same issue on my old CrPO. Factory need to address this. You wont notice it from distance but if your one to stare closley and look for flaws when wearing it, you will.
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