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  1. coolwatchdude

    IWC PORTUGUESE thoughts?

    Thats a nice 5001. Looks like ZF V1 or V2. Usually goes for 225-250.
  2. Happy Birthday coolwatchdude!

  3. Happy Birthday coolwatchdude!

  4. Happy Birthday coolwatchdude!

  5. coolwatchdude

    My PAM 380 got new shoes

    That is the same strap I am looking for my 380N as well. PM incoming.
  6. coolwatchdude

    IWC 3717 V3 Crystal

    How's the V3? How's the clarity on the crystal? Does it need the vac treatment? How's the datewheel? Want to pull the trigger but if I need to send it to vac, I think I'll just wait til a modded one comes up in the FS section.
  7. coolwatchdude

    AP Diver Cyclops Lens Replacement Tutorial

    Lol. True! I tried to do the pr mod on my iwc 5004 and bent the hands without proper tools. Never again will I work on my watches! Great tutorial tho!
  8. coolwatchdude

    My 47mm Pams

    Very nice family, umm (PAMily) you have there. Is the 232 a solid caseback?
  9. Great write-up! Thanks for sharing as I have one inbound
  10. coolwatchdude

    It's summer, it's white dial Pam's time ! 113/114

    The 113 is not for you. You should sell it to me since you snatched it from me. LOL. Looks good atleast it went to a good home. Cheers!
  11. coolwatchdude

    Most Accurate Carrera 1887?

    I could probably pick out one tell. AR on the GC grand carrera) and 1887 are not gen like. But I haven't owned an 1887. The stock AR is Similar to IWC BP out of box. I have a black GCC17. Thought about having an AR mod. But used the money for a gen gator strap. I could live with the stock AR. I love the watch but for $400, I'd rather get a Noob or H-fact PAM. Hope this helps
  12. coolwatchdude

    AP Panda VS RubberClad

    I believe that was a gen.
  13. coolwatchdude

    group diving !(pics )

    Killer collection!
  14. coolwatchdude

    $128 Ultimate vs Gen Sea Dweller

    Great comparison and attention to detail. What the heck. Gonna put in an order on this SD, thanks man. Was really going to use the money for an AP. LOL
  15. coolwatchdude

    Tag Grand Carrera calibre 8

    I think the rep calibre 8 are all 21J which will have the quick date set on the side. Not sure but my theory.