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  1. If I 2 is still available will you send me Paypal info?


  2. Hello, 

    could you hold me the H3 black hornback 28-20 AP.

    may i asking you some heavy pict of this strap ?

    i'll pay you on theursday.

    Do you have Paypal?

  3. I'll take E 4 and I 3 if you'll send me a total 



    these are real skins right? Not cowhide stamped to look like gator

  4. Hey, do you have anything for a Ingy?


  5. PM'd you about G5 as well....


  6. Just got this. Still waiting for the strap changing tool so I can put some olive canvas on this. But even on the rubber for now I love it:
  7. Good to see the Legend out and about
  8. PAM 243 on new prototype woven strap (still needs a little tweaking but I like the feel):
  9. Like the new feel of the Aquanaut on leather:
  10. Nanuq's is definitely safer, but airport check-in might be a bit tougher ... Will take some more pictures tomorrow.
  11. I agree but the nice rifle that used to live in there must have gotten lost in the civil war here in Nicaragua. Now everybody is down to AK47s
  12. At least by age. Found this vintage rifle case in an antique store and customized it. Not for the faint of heart or if you live in a studio - 48" long Holds 26 watches and 26 straps in the lid:
  13. Happy Birthday Donerix 2.0!

  14. Bought this 2001 G400 at a great price: Gutted the inside and had anew interior made: And I am finishing up the brushed metal vinyl wrap right now:
  15. Not really a dream car (but I guess you can't expect this for $10K). Just picked it up: Now the fun begins and hopefully it will look close to this when I am done: