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  1. You sir have become a true artist of photography. Also a great watch BTW
  2. is this one still available?

    6) Olive grey stingray, 24/22, 115/75, minimal stich, $79

  3. Donerix very nice straps

  4. Sorry I am putting this here since I cam trying to embed a video we made and I couldn't get it to work in the classified section. Tomorrow's sale will be in the classified section: Time again for another sale and this one I want to say: is loaded. And my friend just got his new toy and we put it to some good use: [video=youtube;kXpLXVex9sQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXpLXVex9sQ&feature=youtu.be[/video] Also not working here (maybe I just can't figure it out). Here is a link to the video we made and it's fun to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXpLXVex9sQ&feature=youtu.be Here some more teaser pics: uploading images uploading images uploading images uploading images See you tomorrow: uploading images A-May-zing-Sale - Medium.mov
  5. Hi,

    I'm looking through your old sales and I see a strap you may still have from your December post: C2 (Navy stingray unpolished, 24/22, 125/75, white stitch and edge, $79)


    Please let me know if this one can still be had! 



  6. I have picked up some interesting new hides and made some new straps I wanted to show you: Some new ostrich and stingray: upload image free Many new snake skins: upload image free upload image free A new line of Hublot Big Bang straps: upload image free And some new IWC BP straps: upload image free And of course always some crocs: upload image free Still working on some other materials and will post pictures when they are ready. In the meantime keep my in mind for your custom strap needs. Donerix
  7. Donerix 2.0

    Welcome back - New look and new toys!

    Your hard work is greatly appreciated
  8. Donerix 2.0

    Welcome back - New look and new toys!

    Just paid for my VIP membership. A few comments on the new layout: I like the looks and the newly added features. The layout seems to not make good use of the real estate on my screen (wide unused edges on both sides, but maybe it's just an issue with my set-up ?). The Classified section does fell like a step in the wrong direction IMHO: Writing a sales thread seems more complicated (but I can probably figure it out) and finding sales threads is definitely less intuitive. I see a 50% decrease in views and even more in actual sales at least for my last sale Otherwise I appreciate what you are guys doing to provide this great platform for us. Donerix
  9. If I 2 is still available will you send me Paypal info?


  10. Hello, 

    could you hold me the H3 black hornback 28-20 AP.

    may i asking you some heavy pict of this strap ?

    i'll pay you on theursday.

    Do you have Paypal?

  11. I'll take E 4 and I 3 if you'll send me a total 



    these are real skins right? Not cowhide stamped to look like gator

  12. Hey, do you have anything for a Ingy?


  13. PM'd you about G5 as well....


  14. Donerix 2.0

    March 12 2016

    Just got this. Still waiting for the strap changing tool so I can put some olive canvas on this. But even on the rubber for now I love it:
  15. Donerix 2.0

    Where was I guys?

    Good to see the Legend out and about