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  1. With plenty of time on my hands I used a hide I recently bought to make some sample straps. I think the Oiled Bronze looks very classy. What do you think?
  2. I saw Max Verstappen's watchband and wanted to recreate it for my Tudor:
  3. While I still like it best on the bracelet this combo is also growing on me:
  4. Hologramet yours isn't too shabby either
  5. Trying to get on my thread but it's not working.

    Says theme might be out of date

  6. We could always find out I have dark grey, dark bronze and stainless steel grommets.
  7. After many years I finally managed to open an Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/hamiltonleatherworks/ I would love it if you would follow me on the journey and maybe even post some pictures of your watches with my straps on them. Offering a free strap for the best 3 pictures in the first 50 Thank you Donerix PS: Newest creations: basketweave leather straps inspired by Singer's Porsche 911s
  8. I found some basketweave leather and made a "Singer-style" strap for my favorite driver's watch: Liked it a lot so I made some more:
  9. You sir have become a true artist of photography. Also a great watch BTW
  10. is this one still available?

    6) Olive grey stingray, 24/22, 115/75, minimal stich, $79

  11. Donerix very nice straps

  12. Sorry I am putting this here since I cam trying to embed a video we made and I couldn't get it to work in the classified section. Tomorrow's sale will be in the classified section: Time again for another sale and this one I want to say: is loaded. And my friend just got his new toy and we put it to some good use: [video=youtube;kXpLXVex9sQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXpLXVex9sQ&feature=youtu.be[/video] Also not working here (maybe I just can't figure it out). Here is a link to the video we made and it's fun to watch: https://www.you
  13. Hi,

    I'm looking through your old sales and I see a strap you may still have from your December post: C2 (Navy stingray unpolished, 24/22, 125/75, white stitch and edge, $79)


    Please let me know if this one can still be had! 



  14. I have picked up some interesting new hides and made some new straps I wanted to show you: Some new ostrich and stingray: upload image free Many new snake skins: upload image free upload image free A new line of Hublot Big Bang straps: upload image free And some new IWC BP straps: upload image free And of course always some crocs: upload image free Still working on some other materials and will post pictures when they are ready. In the meantime ke
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