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  1. Thank you, nice to see some familiar faces euh, names. My latest post was 8 years ago 😲
  2. Glenfarclas 40 yr and Bunnahabhain 25 years are in my cabinet and are my favourites. But i really like the 12 yrs from both distilleries too
  3. You tube can be your friend
  4. Happy Birthday retep!

  5. Thats how rusty i`m..........didn`t even know there where 2 versions. What`s the difference? @ Chronus, go ahead you know you want to. It`s just one extra watch.
  6. IWC 3777. Arrived yesterday, very nice.
  7. I`m from those days and just recently came back after a 2 year break. And of course i ordered a watch.
  8. H.Upmann magnum 50 LE 2005 pairing with a Bunna 25 yr.................It`s beginning to look a lot like christmas.
  9. Been away for awhile and was reading up. Hope he is fine again.
  10. bolivar petit belicosos le 2009. Great cigar
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