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  1. Thank you, nice to see some familiar faces euh, names. My latest post was 8 years ago 😲
  2. Glenfarclas 40 yr and Bunnahabhain 25 years are in my cabinet and are my favourites. But i really like the 12 yrs from both distilleries too
  3. You tube can be your friend
  4. Thats how rusty i`m..........didn`t even know there where 2 versions. What`s the difference? @ Chronus, go ahead you know you want to. It`s just one extra watch.
  5. IWC 3777. Arrived yesterday, very nice.
  6. I`m from those days and just recently came back after a 2 year break. And of course i ordered a watch.
  7. H.Upmann magnum 50 LE 2005 pairing with a Bunna 25 yr.................It`s beginning to look a lot like christmas.
  8. Been away for awhile and was reading up. Hope he is fine again.
  9. bolivar petit belicosos le 2009. Great cigar
  10. So finally this thread went silent
  11. Pfewww, glad my memory is still ok. But looking back at it now......................................you`ve grown. So you can imagine what you and others have contributed to this great board.
  12. I`ve been gone too for some time so i didn`t notice puggy was mia. But i remember (if i recollect correctly) his first picture on this or the old board. It was i believe a timberland watch and i thought this guy was a pro. Great shot and he raised the level of members watch pictures to another level. For some reason he got burned with that topic, couldn`t understand why though. But welcome back Puggy.
  13. Funny site i think. You want to kill your boss, neighbour, mother-in-law, wife........don`t. Relieve your agression here. First fight is with me. Bring it on! http://raleighhhhhh.mybrute.com
  14. I can see this went as well as the shortest thread version.
  15. I`m doing fine thanks. I check in every once in a while to see how you`re all doing. Your Bergies corner has my extra attention............................looks great. So it`s allowed these days to post here?
  16. Still running i see. Have a good one.
  17. Have all the cigars you mention in your first sentence except for the SLR don`t like them. And please stop mentioning the other must buy`s. The bill is already sky high. Regional editions are in my book just another way for Habanos/Altadis to generate more money. I have them of course so i felt for it. Last year we had the Benelux Regional Edition the Ramon Allones Specially Selected Gran Robusto. Smoked one a year ago and one recently world of difference but they will get better and maybe even super great within years. I read that you have to extract moisture from your humidor. It`s the opposite for me i have to use a humidifier.
  18. That settles it then.................................next purchase will be the El Morro`s. Lanikai, what do you think about the new release of the Magnum 50`s from H.Upmann. I find them great and think they will be excellent in a few years. I`ve got one box of the initial EL release of the Magnum 50`s from 2005 and they are so good. Only got one box so will only smoke them once in a while.
  19. The boxcode on the Muralla`s is ENE 06 great smoke but i will try too let them rest for a couple of years. I have a box of aged Monarca`s (NOV 00) but find them stronger than the Winstons, less refined. I have been thinking about buying a box of the El Morro`s can buy one from DEC 01 but was a bit reluctant. It`s a bit of hit and miss with boxes from the 99 - 01 releases. Will try an el principe on your advice one of these days. And too all the Cuban members............................thank you!
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