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  1. Hello Gentlemen - I never thought this trend would go soooo long. I'm the OP and since this trend I have purchased A LOT of bottles, so many that I had to put watches on the back burner. Now I smell SWELL I'm back for a couple soild time pieces
  2. Wow, thanks again for keeping this topic HOT. I have personally purchased around 10 - 12 new bottles that I would not ever heard about if I would have not started this thread. I now have around 20ish bottles.
  3. A*men Cologne for Men by Thierry Mugler I got a simple of this. I just don't know if I like it just yet. I think I smell like Starbucks
  4. Oh I forgot about Gucci Guilty I like it on her and me. It smells good together
  5. Lets change gears a little bit, what were some top scents for a women. The two I like on wifey is Unforgivable for Women by Sean John and One Million for Women
  6. THANK YOU GUYS - I purchased about three or four new scents because of this thread. However by far I love Terre D'Hermes (Parfum). It does not smell like anything I currently own. I got it yesterday, I must say at first the woody smell was different for me. I have mainly citrus scents. This PARFUM rocks, and last forever.
  7. John Varvatos Artisan (i'm back to work) BTW Happy New Years
  8. 1) Signature Scent: Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier 2) Work Scent: Any of John Varvatos' colognes (favorite is Vintage - least favorite Star) 3) Night Out Scent: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne 4) Close Quarter "Combat" Scent: Tom Ford for Men Or Unforgivable by Sean John 5) Daring Scent: Bleu by Chanel 6) Upper class Event Scent: Creed GIT (just because of the cost) I'm really loving this thread, it has been costly because I have purchased some new scents. But i have learned a lot as well. I can not find Pure Malt and I really would like to smell this, I looked on line and find its was limited ed and now seller want HIGH dollar for the stuff I'm still trying to understand why i purchased GIT for $250
  9. You should also try some of his cologne
  10. Today Dec. 29, 2011 I AM KING - Sean John
  11. Well today I'm wearing Kenneth Cole Vintage Black [url=http://www.addoway.com/viewad/Kenneth-Cole-Vintage-Black-67-oz-Cologne-by-Kenneth-Cole-for-Men-1690829#utm_campaign=feed&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=bing] Its a little cool out and wet which work well with the notes of this cologne: tequila fresh spicy citrus herbal woody KCVB.bmp
  12. F By Ferragamo Pour Homme Black this is another great scent intro last year. I'm on my 2nd bottle (3.4 oz)
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