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  1. hi L great gesture again! i‘m in for 19mm. cheers, M
  2. replacing with another rotor eta or valjoux is one of the mods to the arf, because its too loud and not heavy enough to wind the movement. at that opportunity should remove the deco-plate to avoid that the deco-screw-heads destroy the movement cheers lolex
  3. wow slay - great stuff arrived and really looking good[emoji1360] many thanks!
  4. hi L., arrived safe und looking great - merci & thanks mate!
  5. hi v. interesting - happy to see this going on. yuki has a nice 7836. love the bakelit bezel on that, what is your source for the case and dial? regards
  6. thanks mate! and answered :-) Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  7. Wow thats a great gesture - count me in for one 2mm bars pack pls. Thanks!
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