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  1. What makes this a fantasy dial? Is the open six' on the dial? It's trust it is a fantasy dial just never realized it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I know the vintage daytona 6239 are DW 7750s but what are the rest of these reps? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Better pic of two tones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This watch I belive
  4. Awesome but is it a Noob a Transformer ect? Is it this watch? http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/170099-sold-gmt-master-ii-–-joshua-“retro”/?hl=gmt
  5. Think I bought it from Josh about 6 years ago.
  6. I have all the links to the band as well all chronos work fully functional no issues.
  7. This watch comes with 2 casebacks. One deep, which is on the watch now and one slim (pictured) for the removal of the rotor.
  8. I have owned this watch for 3 years and worn maybe two times. I want to trade if for a WORKING DW Daytona. PM me.Trade becasue DW is gone. I am only interested in a trade. (DW Daytona) I have been a member of this forum for 7 years. If this offends I will remove.
  9. Ive read so many posts about DWs gold 6263. Ive had this one for a while and have never used it. Mainly beacuse I dont trust the look of the gold. The first 3 pics are GEN. The following are the REP. All pics show differnt lighting conditions.
  10. They say third times a charm. But not with this guy. Brief overview here. Have money saved and have very strong credit. So why do I have such problems? #1 commission based sales (good income though) #2 I do not want a track home, I want a older well built home anything built before 1930 would be awesome. #3 When I do find a reasonable priced nice older home one of two things always happens. Either it fails inspection or some yuppie swoops down with a bag full of cash buys the home right from under me CASH. My most recent misadventure was a home priced at 88k but valued at 130k and restored close to 250k. What I don't understand is, If there is really 65000 homes for sale on homepaths government repo site then why is it so difficult to purchase one? Also Why the heck is it so hard to obtain financing on a home even with good credit? Any insites are greatly appreciated.
  11. Silix 1680 seems to be too big any how here are some pics. Silix 1680 left, Josh 1680 right.
  12. I ask because I have one thats in my junk pile with a broken plexi.
  13. frozen the lower sub dial is too low
  14. May have only over wound it by 1 and 1/2 turns. No symptoms YET. Will have to wait until the the main spring has discharged to see. I have joshes 6263.
  15. Is there a clutch? Is this a good movement?