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  1. I would like it to be a complete gen but I can't justify £4/500 on a strap and clasp. Have any of you got the orange strap? What is the quality of a rep clasp and strap like?
  2. Just bought myself a gen 45mm planet ocean omega with the orange ceramic bezel and the steel strap. I really like the look of the orange rubber strap but a gen strap and clasp is silly money. Would anyone have any advice on what the orange rep strap and clasp are like? What's the colour like on the rubber strap, is close to the gen? Is the clasp any good? Also, if you had a gen watch would you put a rep strap and clasp on it? Any suggestions on where to buy one would help as well. Thanks
  3. Hi, My UPO date sticks between numbers but if knock the face of the watch, it moves the number down to the right date. Any thoughts on how I can sort this problem out? Thanks
  4. I can't see the pictures on 90% of the threads I look at.
  5. Hi, why are none of the pictures showing on the threads in this section? Thanks
  6. Hi, Just bought a UPO and it is gaining about 6 seconds a day, is this normal?? If it's not can it be sorted and if so, how? Thanks Dan
  7. Hi, I've been on here a fair bit, before and since buying my repo PO and a lot of the posts say about buying or replacing parts with genuine part, so my question is where can I buy these parts? Are there sites out there? Could anyone posts some links. Thanks I love this site.
  8. Ok, what sort of shops would test a repo watch? Would they need to put it in water to test? Hope that don't sound like a "blonde" question.
  9. Yeah true. Thanks for the help mate
  10. I've got it!!! And I'm really pleased with it. It looks and feels amazing, it's got some weight to it but feels really good on the wrist. One question I have is... How water resident is it?? That may be hard to answer but could you submerge it? Or just wash your hands with it on? Thanks for all the advice you gave me, it was invaluable.
  11. Thanks. One more question, I paid with visa card, is there any charges with using that card on top of the finished price?
  12. I've gone and done it! I couldn't wait till after Xams, I bought it from trust time. Can't wait to get it now. Thanks for all the advice people.
  13. Is the watch I've been looking at the 5th gen version?
  14. Ok I get it now. Thanks
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