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  1. HaydenM

    Rolex DD Build Planning

    Hi all, After looking over my collections I have come to the realisation that my little Rolex collection is definitely missing a DJ or a DD and so I have decided to look into building a DD. Now while of course all gen DDs are in precious metals I'm not a flashy guy and don't want to get into the gold plated fiasco that reps can be so I have decided to go SS akin to the WG 18239. Now in the research I have done so far it appears that most of the DD builds around the fora revolve around raffles parts. I am not looking at going into a ridiculously expensive genstein build or anything but was wondering if anybody around the forum has any experience and suggestions. For movement my current plan is an A2836 http://rafflesdials.com/chinese-tianjin-sea-gull-silver-clone-2836-watch-automatic-movement-beautiful-have-never-been-used-before/ (or similar) With the Day/Date-WO from raffles too. On that note, is there a good tutorial floating around as to how to properly align the DWO? I've found some very old posts on the other RWG but not sure if there have been any developments there or any suggestions from the modders on the forum. For the case, dial and bracelet are there any suggestions of a way to go other than raffles. I'm on the lookout for a gen dial but unfortunately 18239 dials are definitely up there in price. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, HaydenM
  2. HaydenM

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    Thank god, cant wait for the pendulum to swing the other way again where I can actually wear new watches 😛
  3. HaydenM

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    I was assuming that this watch would sell quite poorly due to how [censored] of a rep it is in all honestly which pushes down the chances of a V2, as does the size of the watch. Rep factories have seemed to be making far fewer smaller watches compared to big watches in recent times.
  4. HaydenM

    A/6538 Military Submariner with Burford dial

    For those that would like to drool over some gen pics of a military 6538 in the meantime.
  5. HaydenM

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    Well at the very least it helped me answer my question of whether or not I'd buy this or build a DD. This watch just has too many issues to mod out. Sadly the gen is definitely out of the range of my wallet at this point.
  6. HaydenM

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    Sadly quite a bit of a let down. Doubt there will be a v2 sadly
  7. HaydenM

    Where have all the franken 6538’s gone?

    Sounds important, I'll help you dispose of some 😛We've all got to do our part after all.
  8. HaydenM

    Where have all the franken 6538’s gone?

    An absolutely gorgeous thread. I've been tempted at times to go down the 6538 rabbit hole as a big bond fan but these builds are insane. Crazes tend to ebb and flow here. You don't see anywhere near the amount of 1016s that you saw a few years ago now.
  9. HaydenM

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    Would love to see a rep of this, I owned the original BB rep but the size was just prohibitive for me so I went with a sub. Would definitely consider picking one up if they released this.
  10. HaydenM

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    I'll throw mine in the ring Was a great first watch build and they were very popular when I built mine. Nowadays people are lucky enough to be able to pick one up second hand if they decide against a build,
  11. HaydenM

    Important message from Bergies

    Deepest condolences to you and yours Ken.
  12. HaydenM

    A recipe for a decent 5517

    This 100% is the best advice for starting out. I most certainly broke it working on my nice new Tudor BB back in the day. I now have a bag full of 2824 parts and an empty case with a dial in it. Work within your skill level 😛 My advice for a first build is 3 hand, no date. It's about as easy as they come to work on and it's how I started out with my 1016 (which thankfully the only things I broke were hands which I had spares of).
  13. HaydenM

    Black 1016

    Very interesting parts, sad we probably won't see a finished product.