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  1. HaydenM

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    I'll throw mine in the ring Was a great first watch build and they were very popular when I built mine. Nowadays people are lucky enough to be able to pick one up second hand if they decide against a build,
  2. HaydenM

    Word Association Thread

  3. HaydenM

    Important message from Bergies

    Deepest condolences to you and yours Ken.
  4. HaydenM

    A recipe for a decent 5517

    This 100% is the best advice for starting out. I most certainly broke it working on my nice new Tudor BB back in the day. I now have a bag full of 2824 parts and an empty case with a dial in it. Work within your skill level 😛 My advice for a first build is 3 hand, no date. It's about as easy as they come to work on and it's how I started out with my 1016 (which thankfully the only things I broke were hands which I had spares of).
  5. HaydenM

    Black 1016

    Very interesting parts, sad we probably won't see a finished product.
  6. HaydenM

    FS: Rolex Daytona SS White Dial Ref#116520

    Obviously this one has to be legit gents, noobs always sell their watches for half of the going rate and reply with weirdly formal and off-putting english. https://www.chrono24.com.au/rolex/ref-116520.htm#gref
  7. HaydenM

    My first order! From Trustytime!

    Very nice choice, the diamonds aren't my thing but it being a 36mm makes up for that. Can't speak for how long it takes to get to the UK but from Trusty I've gotten my orders in less than a week to Australia.
  8. HaydenM

    First rep purchases in a really long time.

    Definitely think gaudy is the right adjective to use for this one haha. Definitely not to my taste but different strokes for different folks. Where her in good health. It's also amusing to see the massive variety of tastes on this forum.
  9. HaydenM

    PVD Rolex

    I'd assume that the reason you see relatively few of them is that they're pretty niche watches. As for the quality from what I've read it can vary greatly depending on the exact process and who did it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. For me it entirely depends who I am talking to. Some of my closest friends know I wear reps, some have no clue because they don't care. I will lie at times about the veracity if it's a nosy git or somebody trying to cause something. Close friends one can have a conversation with but I'm not going to talk through or debate it with passing acquaintances. I've once been asked about my patek but that's a good make who knows watches, when asked if it was real I laughed and said "not a chance"
  11. HaydenM

    Water proof

    Pretty much my waterproofing method especially for oyster based reps. It's what I did with my personally built 1016 and it's gone swimming wherever I have since i've gotten it.
  12. Hi all, I assure you not mine and I'm not advertising but I got a good laugh from this listing of an absolute POS and thought others would too. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Hamilton-Thin-o-matic-Artifact-In-A-Plexiglass-Cube-Hand-Signed-Dial/263491561207?hash=item3d595226f7:g:a-EAAOSwD39aYqKH
  13. HaydenM

    Changing RWG

    Happy with the change of colouring, many thanks.