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  1. Welcome mate, RWG is a great board to learn the ins and outs of a project with a bunch of great people. What's your project?
  2. Thanks for that, the kits seem not to be moving too quickly but I wanted to check. Wasn't sure whether or not the dial side mechanics were the same between the 3035 and 3135 so as to allow for that kit to be used. I wasn't too fussed regarding the case, just wanted to know if the movement was possible. It's a shame but I'll have to figure something out or save for an 1803 😛
  3. I know that they're a different thickness but essentially what I'm wondering is if the parts that would convert a 3035 to a 3055 would also convert a 3135 to a 3155. From my research I wouldn't foresee the movement thickness affecting that, it would affect the case options but that's an issue for down the road.
  4. Hi all, I've been looking into a Rolex Day-Date build for some time and while a basic raffles build is tiding me over for the moment I'm looking into other options. As part of my search I have come across what appears to be likely third party conversion parts to turn a 3035 movement into a 3055. Unfortunately a 3035 isn't the easiest thing to get my hands on so I was considering possible other options but they may be outside my current knowledge. I know that there is currently a 3135 rep movement which seems to be relatively reliable. So I'm just checking, does anybody know if there would be any differences between the 3035 and 3135 movements which would get in the way of a 3135 to 3155 conversion? Thanks in advance.
  5. Definitely interested in seeing how these dials go. Are you making these as overlays or for a specific movement?
  6. Hi all, I've been toying around with a 18239 build for a while on and off and have adequately screwed things up a couple of times so I am looking at making certain things easier for myself by making a Day Wheel Overlay tool. Currently taking measurements off of a Rafflesdial 28.5mm dial but I am wanting to make sure that the tool is usable with as many dials as possible. I assume this could only be done with 36mm varieties of the DD due to the day display location. Does anybody have any proper measurements for these dials or more importantly the dial feel locations for genuine day date dials as I do not have one at hand. Below you will see the measurements that I have been able to estimate. Thanks in advance
  7. The radium decay chain is almost entirely alpha emission, so not really any issue as long as it stays outside of your body. Try not to breathe anything in. There may be tiny amounts that get to you but the tiny amounts that get out of the crown of your watch isn't going to do anything in reality. If you've had a glass of scotch or a cigarette in your life you're probably at higher risk. Absolutely a different story if you are constantly working on the things of course. Also something to be remembered with half lives. A chemical with a long half life is undergoing fewer atomic decays emitting radiation than an element with a short half life (per any unit of time), which will sooner be non-radioactive but will be pumping out a greater deal of radiation in the time to get there.
  8. With it being a gen I would not believe that would be legal. That can definitely happen with fake watches (represented as gen, though generally have to be "destroyed").
  9. It's definitely a bit strange if that's all the photos you got given. If they took the caseback off you would think there would be a movement pic.
  10. What an amazingly preserved piece. Great video and I'm sure he'll enjoy his good fortune.
  11. A. Wherever the watch may be now this one definitely originated in china B. Take the chip off your shoulder. Your complex will not help you with making any friends on this forum.
  12. As somebody who has just lost the pearl from my 16610 I would love to find a milsub style bezel insert for it, unfortunately no idea if such a thing exists in the aftermarket.
  13. Absolutely gorgeous build mate. Hi from my 1016 to yours. Wear it in good health.
  14. Hey mate, that seconds thing you've come across I believe is an anti-flooding thing the forum has. Just have to wait a little bit between your searches. As for the sales section the link has already been posted there and you can definitely buy without spending money on membership. I think the other gents have given good advice here though. If you're new to the hobby buy yourself a lower to middle range rep from a TD and get a feel for the watch before dropping any serious money on a build. There are some watches that we all love when looking at them but just don't like to wear for whatever reason, better to figure that out with a rep worth a couple of hundred dollars rather than a couple of thousand.
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