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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What an amazingly preserved piece. Great video and I'm sure he'll enjoy his good fortune.
  3. A. Wherever the watch may be now this one definitely originated in china B. Take the chip off your shoulder. Your complex will not help you with making any friends on this forum.
  4. As somebody who has just lost the pearl from my 16610 I would love to find a milsub style bezel insert for it, unfortunately no idea if such a thing exists in the aftermarket.
  5. HaydenM

    my 1016 build

    Absolutely gorgeous build mate. Hi from my 1016 to yours. Wear it in good health.
  6. Hey mate, that seconds thing you've come across I believe is an anti-flooding thing the forum has. Just have to wait a little bit between your searches. As for the sales section the link has already been posted there and you can definitely buy without spending money on membership. I think the other gents have given good advice here though. If you're new to the hobby buy yourself a lower to middle range rep from a TD and get a feel for the watch before dropping any serious money on a build. There are some watches that we all love when looking at them but just don't like to wear for whatever reason, better to figure that out with a rep worth a couple of hundred dollars rather than a couple of thousand.
  7. Hey Mitch, welcome to the forum. I've built my own watches and not used them so I can't really speak to who's good and who isn't but there are multiple modders or builders around the forum who will do the work of constructing the watched (I'm sure others will have recommendations). As far as buying "finished" watches you have 2 options there, buying a stock watch from a TD, or buying a second hand watch. For the former look into the Trusted Dealers section and look for who may stock a 1655 or similar. For the latter keep an eye on the fora trading areas. If you're looking to build your own then I'd definitely recommend having a look across all the fora into previous builds, there's a lot of great information. Best of luck.
  8. HaydenM

    Buy rolex

    Welcome to the forum. Get reading.
  9. HaydenM

    Vintage Omega

    Personally I'd be pretty cautious with any crosshair dial omega Seamaster's but that's just me. They are more often than not redials which can open up a whole bundle of issues. What's the seller location?
  10. Or just do what Bond did for decades, have Bond show up in the next movie with a new actor and don't mention a thing.
  11. If this goes on for more than a movie I'm out. As much as I liked 2 of Daniel Craig's performances I have no idea why he's back given his past disparaging comments about the role. If they continue with this pathway then the series will die. They already have ruined Blofeld sadly so it seems it may be another beloved series destroyed by ham-fisted political writing.
  12. Yes, it is fake, and very far from a good one.
  13. Hi Matt1, Had just written out the whole order of the parts that mine was constructed but then looked and saw that the dial ring is completely different between our 2 builds mine does not have the brass ring, instead was a plastic ring. Not certain of the exact construction with the brass ring. On the up side for you, you have an already built day disk which saves you a hell of a lot of time over what I had to do :P Thanks Matt2, Definitely a lot more work necessary on it but I'll eventually get around to fixing it all up.
  14. Great to see the update. Might have to have another look into this one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The only halfway decent reverso rep that you will find is the tribute to 1931. It was a quartz model made for puretime. It is no longer being made / sold so you will have to find somebody willing to sell you one.
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