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  1. Hi there.

    I have a ZF IWC Portuguese V2. I had some small partichles from the Dial on the inside of the Crystal, so I toke the watch apart. All went well, but now I can't get the Stem back in. I have not used any force, and was very carefull when I toke the Stem out. I think I have messed the Keyless up? 

    Can and will you fix it for me?

    Please get back to me asap. Thanks. :)


    Best regards,





  2. ... well, the quartz in my Monaco is the most acourate movement I have in all of my watches, so it can't be that bad. I havent adjusted the time on my Monaco for over a year now, and it's still 100% accurate.
  3. ... the Crystal on the Rep looks just as good as the Gen.
  4. Fantastic AJ, - thanks a lot! Mayby you will se a Ferrari "front screen" in the near future.
  5. Again, thanks! Micky = SSteel, right? I would love to have a slight gold hue in my Crystal, compared to the cold blue one it has now! This Micky / SSteel, does he live in EU? Cheers
  6. Thanks for your reply AJ. Your Hublot looks great. Is it double coated color less AR ? Just to get you right ... Do you do the AR coating, or do you have a contact that does it? What do you mean by "replacement service"? Do you have some prices? You can PM to me, if you dont want to spread the hole thing here ... Best regards
  7. Hi there. I have 2 Panerai Ferrari 008 watches, and I like them very much. Well, there is one thing I dont like. The "blue" AR treatment on the crystal. It makes the Dial look "dark". Can someone please help me with a with a few quistions: 1. Is the "blue" AR treatment on the inside or outside of the crystal? 2. Can I get the AR of? 3. Does anyone have on of these Panerai's without the AR treatment? (pictures please) 4. Is there a place in EU, where I can get the crystal AR treated (color less of course) Thanks for your time ...
  8. Hehe... Thanks! Hifi: TacT 2.2x, 2xhomemade ZapPulse 2.2SE, Teac VRDS10SE, Dali40SE, TacT W210, Coral Studio400, and a lot of other great stuff. What do you have ...?
  9. This Hamilton Pan Europ is a very nice retro looking watch! Price around $1000,- is also not that bad ... http://www.ablogtowatch.com/hamilton-pan-europ-watch-nato-hands/
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