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    A watch that had stopped nevertheless has shown the correct time at least twice a day and after some years can look back at a long history of success.

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  1. It seems really hilarious to me that folks in a rep forum suddenly get into a discussion about "IP-rights".
  2. Seiko on Rambler roids:
  3. Quite fond of my creation.
  4. Shot this at the bay for the price of 7734 movement. I think it is out of the ordinary with its vibrant colors. Unfortunately after setting it a few times the date won't change anymore. Will have to open it up soon and make use of the chronograph course Inrecently started.
  5. Well I am working in a software company. People wear clothes much worse than Polos. :-) T-shirts, shorts and sandals seem appropriate for some. Polos are for management.😁
  6. You guys do this? I do it all the time. :-)
  7. Talking about smaller watches:
  8. I know this post is quite old, but I recently ordered one of Mary's bracelets for my 7032 and don't use it because I cannot tolerate the last midlink. I wear the homeplate on a solid link bracelet now which many gen owners do to prevent the precious 7836 from wear. It also gives the watch more substance IMHO. But nevertheless I would like to try that out. Any tips how to easily remove the bogus figure 8 midlink? Looks troublesome at first glance.
  9. Selfmade, and has become one of my favorite watches: