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    A watch that had stopped nevertheless has shown the correct time at least twice a day and after some years can look back at a long history of success.

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  1. I wonder if there is any intelligence about Domi. I sent a watch to him for servicing and did not hear from him for weeks now. That does not seem like him. He has always been very responsive and reliable in the past. Maybe a health problem?
  2. A ton of nice builds and watches. I'd wear any of these.
  3. Yeah, my interest and funds shifted to a different hobby. After I got my Homeplate 7032 which was the watch I always wanted the wheels came off of this hobby a bit. But I recently looked at my collection and thought it might be time for a new watch...
  4. ...did I miss something? Some absolute "must get" watches? Is triangular shipping still working? Any supply chain issues due to Corona? Would you mind bringing me up to speed?
  5. If you are ready to cough up the money for a gen strap, they are available here: https://watchparts24.de/Original-IWC-leather-bracelet-genuine-alligator-IWC-Big-Da-Vinci-and-other-models If you have a deployment clasp (I guess so) I would highly recommend a gen strap as they are the only ones I have seen so far that have the correct length. The IWC clasp is made in a way that the short part of the strap has to be a lot shorter than normal, other wise the clasp will end up in an impossible location on your wrist.
  6. Yeah well you could argue that the demise of the Soviet Empire took the wall down, or an open minded thinker like Gorbatschow, or ideas that could not be held off any longer. But I do not want to diminish the US role in it and we are grateful. I can also live with and understand the US exceptualism as you call it. But I think your remarks about Brexit are shortsighted and made without taking into account what the European idea really is. And I am sick and tired of simplistic nationalists in Europe that endanger the values and ideas that took decades to develop. And that is it. After all this is watch forum and not a political discord. I like it here and if I continue I will likely say things I might later regret.
  7. Europe is currently bound to the North by populism and to the South by refugees that are drowning in the sea to the East by Putin’s tank, to the West by the Trump Wall. Europe was threatened in the past by war, in the future by Brexit. Today Europe is alone more than ever and it is extremely cold outside. Europe is necessary more than ever but its citizens do not know it. Europe is by far the best solution but you cannot explain it to people that don’t understand history and that it is reversible. Globalization teaches us that today Europe is inevitable, there is no alternative. But Brexit also tells us that you can walk backwards in history. Brexit was a terrible and selfish decision. Europe is not a market, it is the will to live together. Leaving Europe is not leaving a market, it is leaving shared dreams. We can have a common market, but if we do not have common dreams, we have nothing. Europe is the peace that came after the disaster of war. Europe is the pardon between French and Germans. Europe is the return to freedom of Greece, Spain and Portugal. Europe is the fall of the Berlin Wall. Europe is the end of communism. Europe is the welfare state, Europe is democracy, Europe is fundamental rights. To walk away from all this to have "freedom" is terribly shortsighted and ignoring history.
  8. Yeah let's have single national states instead with little nationalist leaders who shout Hungary first, or Austria first, or Poland first. We had this and trust me we don't need it.
  9. I wonder what we will do when the UK has left the EU. We will need another entry with loose customs...
  10. I always answer that is is a cheap fake. However I manage to say it in a way that 95% of the time people won't believe me. :-)
  11. Man that is an ugly Mofo. I am not sure I could pull this off unless I would be abroad. Surely I will not wear this at work. I wonder whether the trash can in the background is really a coincidence....
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