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  1. Hard to say which one you should take without knowing the basics of your watch, but the CF bezel seems to be the way to go for many members
  2. Yes, a new crown will stop your problem. Problem was caused of a bad batch of TC's crowns. They are fine know.
  3. Yes, that's what Domi did. Unfortunately the bezel is not gen-spec, mate.
  4. Thx mate! TC-Dial, -hands, -bracelet, BK-DWO and AR only on the inside of the crystal does the rest
  5. This is how it will look like when it's done
  6. This is my franken with a H3 cp upgrade In my opinion it's worth...
  7. Thx Ajax The bracelet of the new GMTc is one of the best I have so far. The feel is very good, the sel's could be better though. The clasp works smooth and feels very gen-link after a wd40 treatment. Just have an eye on the gap when you look out for one. Sometimes they are really off...
  8. Thx for the kind words guys, they are appreciate them very much The new noob is a great watch. All gen parts fit without any problems.
  9. Yes, they are gen, I'm sure you can spot the different in a second when you hold it in your hand. Here's another pic @movement I don't mind the ICHS and the gen is much too pricy
  10. Today I got my GMT IIc back from Domi as I'm very happy with it I just want to share some pics with you all The base was the lastest noob from PT all mods were done by Domi. The specs: - gen Dial - gen Bezel-Assembly - gen ARed crystal - gen swiss ETA - TC Crown/Tube - BK DWO - hands relumed
  11. Here is a pic, somebody posted on rg - genbezel is installed I think it's not that bad... But I think you're right, if you have seen the real thing u will always see the terrible white paint of the numbers, doesn't matter how deep the numbers are
  12. Yes, it's confirmed on RWI. The new Noob as gen construction. You can even put the bezel on the rep retainer
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