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  1. Well i guess you lern some new everyday. I was sure they were curved, lol!
  2. I would fight a tiger with a helmet on my head made out of raw meat for that white GMT.
  3. Not even the same model, or watch. The one OP put up is a genuine.
  4. Not even the gen has the lume on the ring aligned with the indexes. This is not a flaw.
  5. Creed Aventus, Creed Green Irish tweed, Chanel Bleu. Been rockin that for the latest time.. lots of compliments, both male and female ( i prefer female, hehe) Fradic
  6. Nice job friend. Wish it had the weight..
  7. Wish everyone did the reading, nice job man. Now u will be addicted and read even more, lol.
  8. APNoobster, it indeed is. "Pretty man". It's serbian. Hehe
  9. Keep in mind that the current 15400 also has the datewheel issue, the rectangular box, instead of a proper square one.
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