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  1. Happy Birthday lazarini!

  2. Happy Birthday lazarini!

  3. Happy Birthday lazarini!

  4. Happy Birthday lazarini!

  5. Hey Guys WTB: IWC Big Pilot 5004 let me know cheers Laz!

    1. nikki6


      Whatever123 has one for sale or trade in the laes section. Might be worth dropping him a PM.

  6. nope if u see the post u can easy view what i have atm... the 2 watches you mentioned are gone. Laz
  7. Interesting, depending on time set and me getting a decent flight arrangement i would be down... London works best for me as i have free accommodation there... Laz
  8. im with u cats pardon the super mediocre camera phone picture Laz
  9. Looks like you and me are the 312 bros love the strap on urse Now i need to change this OEM black croc to something brown or tan what u suggest? Laz
  10. the pics look real to me point and shoot pics but u get the idea... here is one i took yesterday with my DSLR after i picked it up LAZ
  11. Right that cud be misleading and no i did not buy 2 pams (all do i would not mind) One was for the watch the other one contained a few goodies i received like the big Panerai encyclopedia, the 2 hats (not in pic as they are Breitling ones they ran out od Panerai hats atm) and the 2 mini champagne bottles Cheers Laz
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