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  1. Maryland, thanks for the intel,
  2. Sorry I haven’t been on this forum in a long time. It looks like the places I posted don’t see much activity. Sorry for multiple posts. Can someone recommend a trusted source to get my tc sub v6 repaired. It no longer works. On shop tried and only lasted a week and other shops treat it like a $30 knock off. Please help
  3. Hi can anyone recommend someone who can fix a TC sub V6? Most the local watch places I’ve gone tell me to buy another. I took it to one local guy who got it to work for a week but kept poor time. I really love the look and feel of this watch and want to fix if possible. Any suggestions would be very helpful. thanks sean
  4. I have a TC sub v6 I love that I would like some referrals of who can repair. Local watch dealers tell me to buy another. It was making a rate noise so took to small watch store who got it to work for a little and off again. Can someone recommend a trusted person I can send watch to get back in order. I love the watch shame it only lasted 6-8 months before failure. thanks Sean
  5. I emailed him last night about this offering, I will update with any info he sends.
  6. went back to late 2014 and decent see any write ups. Is this not a newer watch? Just don't remember seeing a YM available from TC last year when I bought my V6
  7. ok thanks, keyword search wasn't bringing anything up
  8. Hi guys, I have always wanted a nice YM but settled for a TC V6 because there wasn't a ym offered by TC at the time. This watch shows on his available watch list now. Anyone seen one or heard anything about it. Thanks, Sean
  9. Just wanted to give some feedback after a 4 months of owning a TC V6. The watch is a true work of art. I have just recently found my gen omega speed master and feel crazy saying it won't get a single day on my wrist. Thomas your a genius!!!
  10. Hey guys, Found my old (10 years) Gen stainless omega speedmaster chrono. Been missing for about 5 years! Tried winding her up on my watch winder with no luck. Guessing it will need a full overhaul. Anyone have any ides of cost and if I should use a dealer or watch smith from here. Thanks Sean
  11. Irolex you mind sharing the area or name of this person. I love the watch but would Like it to be less sharp on the wrist
  12. Hey guys noticing some rough edges on clasp and little on band. Any of y'all know a way to smooth things out a bit without hurting the finish? PS. Love the watch!
  13. My TC crystal always seems to be dirty or oily. Is there anything I can do to it to help this problem? Also does the gen crystal suffer the same problem? Thanks
  14. Thanks! Those where the 2 I was looking at
  15. Does anyone have any experience with any other bike chain lubricants? I did some research and it seems you can get a wax or Teflon lubricant. Anyone have any thoughts on benefits of either or? Will either add weight or just for protection? Thanks yall
  16. Thanks guys! Local watch shop made it work!!!
  17. Hi I feel like such am idiot. Received my new V6 yesterday and already lost a spring bar down the sink . Anyone know the dimension spring bar I should be looking for? Was the spring bar that connects bracelet to the watch. Thanks
  18. How can you tell the Rehault is wocky from that angle? not being sarcastic just seems like all rehault look wocky from an angle.
  19. Hoping mine comes in soon! Ordered on 4-20. Someone needs to come up with a TC advent calander lol. This is worse then waiting for Christmas
  20. Sorry for the confusion, to clarify if the TC sub V6 is the best out of the box rep how come previous gen BK an TC's are sold for about what a new TC sub V6 would. Example http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=228668
  21. Sorry wasn't talking about strictly this forum. I have seen on other forums for sale.
  22. Hey guys still kinda new here. Ive noticed over the past months how many used non franken 11610's are sold or listed for more then a new TC sub V6. Am I missing something here? I can only imagine rep watches dont age as well as a gen would. Also TC's seem to be getting closer to gen each edition he drops. What gives! greed?
  23. Creed Aventus Only one cologne you will ever need! Guarantied compliments!
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