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  1. dang, just stumbled across this. to echo the others, this surgery now is about as “routine” as it can be for a good CV surgeon and though not without risks, people in your overall state of health tend to have excellent results, both in the short and long term. mini AVRs really have been game changing. i will be sending my prayers your way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. beautiful! specs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. anyone have any more examples post patina / aging?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. got mine. they are such a huge jump in quality, thank you so much for your efforts brother!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. stay strong buddy, sorry i just saw this, don't frequent around much anymore, but sending my prayers to you and yours.
  6. here are the specs for the other two as i have had some requests: 6542 PT case re-welded to make the lug holes in a better place to allow for fat chamfers, rehaut taken back so no wOKKy wok wok.Phong bezelGen 116 nosGen crown &tubeTonny gilt dialTonny insertMix of handsHangzou gmt with modded secs hand to fit pinionDatewheel wso SSD SSD case and bracelet with beautiful drilled lug holes vintaged look Gen dial with vintage tritium Gen insert with vintage tritium beautifully faded Gen 702 crown Swiss 2836-2 Hands are a mix
  7. it was the hardest part of the build to source, my understanding is that the window for the open with the 3135 as opposed to the 3035 was just very small and limited. i got it from a guy off one of the gen forums, he had snatched it in a part out from either a 16234 or 15200, he said he couldnt recall exactly. i paid nearly an arm and a leg for it but I'm very happy with it thanks dude. i love taking the macro shots if nothing more I'm always amazed what i find in them that i missed from afar with the naked eye. nothing fancy, just an iphone6 and an olloclip. thanks man, they are all 100% a credit to the awesome guys around here, an amazing group of gentlemen and artists and i was hesitant about the 16800 build at points, but just something about the sapphire with the matte that is tough to beat. the most under appreciated sub IMO. cheers mate! I'm telling you, thats the second watch I've had from DLF's bench and both were just fantastic.
  8. photoshoot time been mostly off the forums for a second, life has gotten busy, but had some time to snap some pics of most recent acquisitions i had sold everything off during the summer, slowly gathering some pieces, trying not to hoard, but y'all know how that goes. all love, hate, criticism, corrections are welcome. the 16800 is my baby she was just finished in the fall, and she is the culmination of about 2 years of parts gathering all in all cost me about half the price of the gen but getting to pick the parts piece by piece and to my wishes is priceless all the credit goes to @dbane883 and @misiekped. those dudes are awesome, none of us know how lucky we really are to have them. old TC case with chamfers, lug holes, and casework per the master dbane gen bezel assembly unknown crystal gen matte dial gen hands gen insert gen open 6/9 datewheel gen crown and tube yuki 3135 serviced and upgraded with miskipied's magic need to get NZ to do some engravings and i may call her done. want an alternative dark blue/grey faded insert as well but haven't found the perfect one yet. the 6542 is a @Dlf build and is just breathtaking in person. that dudes work is absolutely insane, he is about as nice as his work is incredible, and he is really pushing the levels with his laser welding. the seadweller is the one i won on the raffle here but in august. i never win anything. contribute guys, it pays off without further ado.... the three kings 16800 the 6542 the sea dweller
  9. good god. that's THE watch. what a way to end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. wowzzaaaaa. awesome job brother, man that's pretty. your posts in the recent days have been insane! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  11. I am nearly 100% ignorant in the knowledge of all this, but that is most definitely correct. The thing that complicates it is according to some sources, there are apparently service cases from the RSC and those actually come inscribed with ORIG ROLEX DESIGN and those serials run from the high 4.3-4.7 range. Causes quite a stir with owners as they get their watch back and the serials now don't match, but yet are associated. Who knows. I will likely withdraw the watch, it is currently for sale, but if it's debatable, don't really want to take the chance of hosing someone and rather just keep the watch if it's gonna take a 2-300 hit in value. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  12. thanks fellas Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  13. in short, bought the watch several years ago as a franken, in the original listing had one serial number, and in the process of gathering info for potential resale yesterday, realized the actual serial is different than advertised. it has been to modders since arrival so this is in no way a call out or accusation, could be a simple misstep and if not gen I'll accept my loss. but don't want to pass it off as gen if it isn't. the case is a 4.39 serial. ORIG ROLEX DESIGN on opposite end. from short reading, it sounds like there are RSC Service Cases from the 4-3-4.9 million range , allowing it to possible match the ORIG ROLEX DESIGN designation that is typical of newer serials. but it could all be crap and wanted to double check before I sold something as gen, that isn't. as it is franken, case was acquired seperate from the bezel, etc, per the sale ad thanks y'all for any input Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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