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  1. c888

    Help identifying ROO

    What's the back look like. Noobs all had the same # (think 8520). Looks like could be first jf runs without silver outline in numbers.
  2. c888

    Pan. 297 SS Strap issue. ?

    Which version is that? Maybe the link is kinda stuck or needs some oil? try taking it off and putting back on. I have a noob version and it's not like that.
  3. c888

    PAM243 Bezel removal/re-assembly

    welcome , glad I remembered that post.
  4. c888

    PAM243 Bezel removal/re-assembly

    Here's a tutorial on it: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php?t=106451 From R2D4 on RWI: Misaligned Markers? Not lining up with the Indices? No worries. Easy fix. Takes 5 minutes. 1. Tape up your case. 2. Get a couple of exacto blades and a bench knife. 3. work around the four lugs, start with one blade, lift. Add another blade, repeat. Use the bench knife once you get a good clearance. Boom Pops right off. Don't worry, it's a friction fit cap. I will go back on tight! If you have a misaligned marker continue to 4. If not, go right to 5 to realign the bezel assembly. 4. Bust off that super glue and unscrew your misaligned bezel marker. Fix it, tighten back up and put on a dab of glue. Done. 5. Remove the tape and line up the 6 and 30, look at 12, see if you like it snap it back on. Done! Tested and confirmed on V1 and V2 Noob factory. I am sure the H Factory model will will work too. Enjoy
  5. c888

    Show us your G shock! (Yes, Casio)

    I've been thinking about getting a g-shock also for my outdoor adventures. Didn't realize the range of models til I went to check them out. 3 models that I liked were the G-shock GA100MC the aviation A100-1A3 and the MT-G
  6. c888

    Group buy for Rainer watch box?

    So costs would be what's on his ebay store - 10%. And we'd save on combined shipping? How much would the shipping costs be for us Canadians?
  7. c888

    Got Called Out!

    Think it's kind of rude to call out someone's rep/gen? Unless its an a$$hot that's trying to flash their rep as gen. If I spot a rep I usually keep it to myself or just talk about it among my friends. Like Cromag said, I think collectors pay attention to detail but won't necessarily call out a stranger for wearing a rep. Besides I think its just us and other WIS that look so closely at what watches people are wearing. On the MB pen thing... Is that proper to "brag" about your rep and its cost over someone's special gift, especially in a business meeting setting?. Heck, I use rep pens, but always use a gen MB for important moments.
  8. c888

    A little watch news out of China.

    Besides their economy, which is still growing, just not at double digit rates now. I think its the over abundance of brands now. It doesn't surprise me considering the massive increase of availability and marketing of luxury watches in China over the last few years. Its just leveling off now. Brands that are low-mid end are popping up everywhere. Some that most of us have never heard of, yet claim to be "made in swiss". There are probably more stores selling Rolex's in Beijing then all of Canada. Cartier, Breguet and even Blancpain is available at many of the 100's of giant malls there.
  9. c888

    Rockarep and G.S.W

    I did leave a neutral feedback after things got addressed. I stated something like, "received 187 not working, got issue addressed" can't remember exactly but it was something like that. He txt'd me some comments then posted a negative feedback for me. I didn't think I was in the wrong to leave a neutral feedback, but don't think I should get a negative. So the mod that I was talking with had us remove both our feedback. I know I'm just a new guy here and things got addressed so I left it be.
  10. c888

    Rockarep and G.S.W

    I purchased that 187g. And to let everyone know. It was received with several issues. I even made a post about it awhile ago. I don't want to go into detail here, but I had to have a mod step in to get things resolved. I always felt things were not right in his sales, but I never wanted to "rock the boat". But seeing these hi $ sales and this new info about g.s.w and rockarep's sales tactics, things need to be addressed. Not all his sales were perfect. My sales experience was bad and also now this about g.s.w (who by the way seemed to be interested in purchasing the 187 in the post I bought from, but they are co-workers?). Based on my experience and what I've read here, seems gsw and rockarep may/were deceiving people. -C
  11. c888

    ap mirage family !

    Very nice collection. A color to match for all occasions. Which version is that with the black dial, red numbers in the pvd case?
  12. c888

    Guangzhou watch markets.

    lol, an 09 posting. Reading up on the GZ markets looks similar to the other mass markets in China. All the cheaper sellers in the lower floors and better quality ones up top floors. I'm going to have to schedule a trip to GZ next time in China. I wonder how much has been "cleaned" up since new crackdowns. I agree the domestic beer in China is some of the worst, but at least its cheaper then a coke at most places.
  13. c888

    gen Hublot Diver pics from London airport!

    Is the rep very heavy? I assume heavier then a panerai 187? Since its so tall, does it ever feel "top" heavy? I think someone on another forum took one apart.
  14. c888

    AP Safari

    Which dealer sales new dials?
  15. c888

    Saterday Wrist Check ;)

    for saturday, the big ap t3