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  1. Happy Birthday danhobson17!

  2. Glight, If your still there check out the little shop on the ground floor of the Waldorf Astoria, Nice selection of Audermars and others.
  3. Happy Birthday danhobson17!

  4. As the proud owner of a BK DSSD who has had the opertunity to compare with a GEN, i can tell you i love my watch, but a contender for most accurate rep, it is not. The bezzel and insert are such a givaway. The markers and numbers on the insert are platinum colour on the GEN not white as on the rep. They also appear much sharper and deeper. That said, it still gets the most wrist time. With a gen insert it would look amazing.
  5. My missus has the gen (no diamonds) bought about 2 years ago. I can put some pics up if it would help.
  6. Thanks for the feedback gents. After very little persuation he went with a rep from one of our guys on here. He's moving house at the moment so any spare cash is limited. He's had the watch for about a week now and is delighted so good result all round. Thanks again.
  7. Mr first rep was a BK DSSD too and is still my 'go to' watch that gets the most wrist time. Congratulations, you will not be disapointed.
  8. Call off the hounds.....the hunt is over. Thanks
  9. Thanks Mike. I generally take 1-2 links out so don't have that problem. If your ever in need, give me a shout, I might have some spares I can send your way.
  10. Hey Guys, I recently helped a friend of mine to purchase his first rep. He's new to it all and is not yet a member here. His watch of choice was a Super Ocean Steelfish, and a fine example was found right here in the sales thread. The watch arrived and he is over the moon (big thanks to 'thegrizz'). The only problem is he has monster 8 1/2" wrists. He sent me a wrist shot and the bracelet is so tight it looks like the circulation to his hand will soon be gone. Please, if any one has any extra links that they no longer need, I would be very grateful if you could PM me so that we may be able to come to some arrangement. He is based in USA. Thanks in advance for any help. Dan.
  11. Im a Sheffield guy myself and would love to join in. I wouldnt be able to bring much to the table but would love to meet and see what you people have.
  12. Hi Guys, First of all, sorry for the lack of information and i know that this may be a 'how long is a piece of string' question but here goes. A friend of mine knows im into watches and has asked my opinion on a possible buy in the US. He has seen a guaranteed gen (his words not mine) Brietling Superocean Steelfish with cream dial and SS bracelet (A17390) and fallen in love. I have very little experience with Brietlings and even less experience with Gens so.... assuming good/excellent condition with official box and papers, what would be a reasonable price? thanks in advance.
  13. Cheers guys. My mind is at rest.
  14. Hey everybody, As some of you may have already noticed i have asked questions about traveling with reps before. Ok..... I admit..... I am Mr Paranoid. I am heading to the other side of the pond on Monday and just wondered if i am likely to get any hastle at customs if im wearing my DSSD. Cheers guys.
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