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  1. is the movement reliable in these now? It is a beautiful watch.
  2. rrari1

    Vacheron Constantin

    Has any one bought one of the new Vacheron Constantin Overseas reps with the Miyota movements? I have liked the overseas for years but have not bought one. I'd love if someone could post a review. I remember the man flaw of the old one was something to do with the date window. It is probably 3 years since I last logged in here, so I am totally out of date on reps.
  3. rrari1

    $10,000 for an Apple Watch?

    I doubt there will be even 1 ounce of gold in the Apple Watch. The Rolex President (including the bracelet) has about 2 troy oz of gold in it, and it is significantly chunkier than the Apple watch. The apple watch will appeal to the same people who bought those virtu phones from a few years ago. Maybe some of our modders here will start gold plating the steel ones. Looks to me like the case design is the same.
  4. rrari1

    Concrete Speaker Project: Part 1

    What aggregate did you use? What Speaker set did you buy from Dayton? I love the finish. Amazing work!! Keep us up to date on any other projects.
  5. rrari1

    We are paying too much for our reps!

    I have used Aliexpress a few times in the past, never for reps, but I think their payment system ali pay works quite well, and if I remember correctly, the buyer has to release the money to the seller upon receipt of the goods, which provides reasonable buyer protection. I agree that the price of reps has gotten totally out of control. I still like this site for the knowledge of the sellers, but it is two years since I bought a rep. More and more, I have been buying vintage gens, as they cost about the same as some high end reps. You can buy a good vintage swiss watch for $700- $1000. I am shocked by the prices I see for reps that I bought 5 years ago for less than 1/3 of the price.
  6. rrari1

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic 1958

    There seem to be no decent dress watches at all. I like sports/diving watches, but would love to have a bit more diversity in my collection. Whenever they do rep these type of watches they make them way too large.
  7. rrari1

    Any reputable sites for rep guitars?

    check out the china guitar sceptic website and youtube videos. http://chinaguitarsceptic.com/ If you sign up to the forum there are reviews of various sellers.
  8. rrari1

    Speaking' of Over-Engineered...

    It is interesting that this watch is smaller than the last. I wonder if the fashion for huge watches is coming to an end?
  9. rrari1

    The new Super reps in 2014 ?

    I'd love to see a good JLC Reverso, or frankly any dress watch. All of the decent reps are sports style watches.
  10. rrari1

    Is this collection genuine?

    seems he is a pawnbroker, thus he probably buys em used at a good price... http://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/showthread.php?p=264126
  11. rrari1

    My 5513 from 1991

    What happened to Ezelturkish? Banned in 5 days?
  12. rrari1

    Coolest sports car ever

    How did we get four pages of pictures without a 308 or GTO? They have to be amongst the best looking two cars ever.
  13. rrari1

    Dssd bezel insert popped off

    I'd use whatever polish JKay was using on his watch when the insert fell out. That or superglue debonder available at most hardware stores. http://www.maplin.co.uk/debonder-46000
  14. rrari1

    Why such limited reps of jlc?

    I agree, it is a pity that almost all of the good reps are of sports style diving watches. The few dress watches that are repped are often 38mm watches, where the rep is 42mm. A good reverso rep would be nice to find. Also reps of other dress watches which do not have display case backs.
  15. rrari1

    Leather bags quality

    I bought one of his Birkins for my wife as a gift, and is was great quality, far better than you would expect for the price. I do not know if his mulberry bags are of the same quality, but I am sure he would tell you if you asked, as he is a very nice guy, and willing to help you a bit with your choices.