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  1. pjl

    Deep Sea

    Well I thought the factory was on the sticker
  2. Can anyone tell me which factory this is from, please!
  3. Hi, I need a contact for someone who can fix the rubber pieces on an AP watch and also convert a leather strap to a stainless bracelet. Please offer name, email and link if possible. I know Domi is one but thats all i know and have no idea how to reach him...
  4. I am looking for this watch from a Trusted Dealer, please let me know...
  5. i should have pointed out that i am looking for a rep -
  6. I am looking to get my hands on a Don Ramon rep - I know they are hard to come by these days, but if anyone has suggestions for me please feel free to post.
  7. Looking to get my hands on a Don Ramon, but before I do so I was hoping for some feedback - positive or negative so I can decide what to do next...
  8. I am interesting in either a gold cased watch with a nice brown leather strap or an all good bracelet if it looks good. I am open to suggestions - thank you
  9. I am about to pull the trigger on a cartier santos 100, but am wondering if anyone knows of the best version to order that compares to the gen... Any comments would be helpful before I place my order... thank you
  10. Can someone advise me on the best place and model number (if available) for a Cartier Santos 100 with Diamonds - chrono model... Thanks in advance for your help...
  11. I am happy with the TD's I use for watches, but I am in the market for other reps - like gucci, lv shoes, bags, etc - can anyone recommend a direct site by providing a link... Thanks
  12. Hi, Can you give me the alternatives?
  13. After receiving an AP ROO@12 Panda in perfect condition, I am officially hooked on this model. Two other watches on the radar for me are the Don Ramon and the Blue Themes. For the Don Ramon none of the TD's seem to have it in stock, so if anyone can offer a suggestion or if you have one that your willing to let go please let me know. For the Blue Themes, I heard and see that it is a very nice looking watch, but I read somewhere the strap is really really bad. Before I make the investment I would like to know if anyone has had experience with this model. Any and all input is greatly appreciated!
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