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  1. Well the watch arrived today. I will try to take some additional photos this weekend as well as sharing my thoughts.
  2. Thanks Higgins. I realize there are some faults, but I really want a nice dual crown diver. Just need to decide on blue or black. I thought Tapatalk malfunctioned and didn't create this post.
  3. Quick background, I have always tried to find the most accurate reps available and have even gone so far as buying a gen when a good rep was not available I have wanted a dual crown diver for some time so when I saw Toro post about the new Vintage Aquatimer I wasted no time in contacting him to order one. Yes, I know the date wheel has the wrong font and there are concerns about the AR, but I decided to take the plunge anyways. I finally received my QC pics and was ready to approve them when I realized that the text on the inner bezel was more of a cream color than white. I contacted Toro to a
  4. In addition to mine saying released from customs and then handed over to customs, there was a small note in a yellow box above the tracking info that said "Your item was handed over to Customs(GUANGZHOU)". The yellow box I had not seen before.
  5. I posted something a similar experience recently. In the end mine was seized in GZ. I think fitmic must be right as I have seen quite a few posts like this recently.
  6. The AR on your V4 is phenomenal! Is that stock or did you have a Mod AR the crystal?
  7. Just heard back from the TD. It appears that the package was either lost or seize as the TD said he will need to resend.
  8. Great point. I was not aware of that. Probably easiest to just swap in a new movement.
  9. Seems like there are a few other users all with packages shipped around the same time from various TD's that are all stuck. My guess there will no change in status for at least the next couple of days with the Moon Festival starting.
  10. The Panda 1911 is a great watch. Very versatile. One of my favorites.
  11. Try the m2m sales threads first. If no luck, you could get one on eBay or one of the watch part supply houses. The real name for the movement is the Shanghaï 3LZF-2. This will run you about $135 to $150 plus shipping. The cheapest way I found is to buy one of the specials from a TD with a a7750 movement. You can usually get an entire watch for about the price of the movement alone. If you want to reduce the cost further, sell off the extra watch parts on the forum. Guys are always looking for different parts. Btw, what watch is the movement for?
  12. Lol. My eyes seem to be getting worse lately. Your post made me go look at my Safari. The shiny beveled edge of the bezel can give the appearance that it is off when it isn't.
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