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  1. Is the Watch not keeping time? I have a 2824 that shows crazy readings a lot like that..... then I sat the time on it, put it on winder and checked the time every 72hrs and to my surprise it’s keeping time within about 12 sec day compared to my iPad, so that is acceptable by any standard. I guess what I am trying to say is timegraph reading will and can drive you crazy at times!
  2. Your swanneck micro adjustment screw on the balance is missing. This is in the movement jamming something this is my abservation from picture is this what your watchsmith found?
  3. Guys is Rolli still working his dial and hands magic? Does he have any offerings at the moment? Anyone have his contact info?
  4. Donerix very nice straps

  5. All gen date wheels are painted solid white teeth and all!
  6. Thanks for that vac I heard of for sure didn't know in con US. I'll contact him what is his usual turn arounds?
  7. I would be interested in one for sure Have you got someone that will do relumes in USA? Send me in right direction? But if you are going to do a two tone I believe it need to be as close as possible to gen so the 28-- movement is out of the question. Add in for the gen hands, crown, so on ..... but also if you go bracelet these projects will cost at least $3,000 plus but consider the cost of gen they are going as high as 10,000 for a good specimen and low end junk is still as much as 7,500 to 8,500 so they are a bargain if you want true wearable two tone!!
  8. Sorry for misunderstanding it will be a 2 tone. I don't think I could rock the solid gold sub? Just the crown and bezel is almost 1 grand! This is Dial and have 2 inserts to choose from. The dial has been relumed kind of shitty job but the color is fabulous and these are not cheap so it is what it is. The bracelet has gen spring bars, gen end links, aftermarket bracelet, gen clasp to match the 1996-97 era SS only clasp so should be really nice. The movement will be Yuki with most all gen parts. So stay tuned!
  9. They are as follows ST case for the tritium build, Yuki movement with gen rotor assembly complete, gen date wheel, TC bezel, all else gen. TC case for luminova build, Yuki movement gen rotor assembly complete, gen date wheel, all else gen on this one. Have gen bracelet for the luminova build and franken bracelet for the tritium build. i have sunk ton of time and money in these puppy's!! Stay tuned for the Blue boy build all real gold parts bracelet and all. This is getting started this week!
  10. Yes very nice! @TickleShoes is a truly great person to deal with, super fair and very helpful. He is hard to beat as a builder. As stated they look great!
  11. Is the JF no date movement ok to run without tear down and service @TickleShoes? Is it nessary since they have so much updating or are they shat also as shipped?
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    Happy Birthday gwt!

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    Happy Birthday gwt!

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