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  1. Hopefully it's just a temporary problem, have only purchased a couple of times, but found his communication and service good
  2. Yeah that's what i'm thinking, maybe see how it looks in the flesh before i make any plans with it though.
  3. Hi SSTEEL Current reps are Pam 312L from PC, and just pulled the trigger on a Ceramic PO from Josh also, i actually wanted the older PO before the ceramic as i like others was a touch dissapointed about the lack of AR and the 'liquid metal' on the case back, but on balance it looks like a great piece so went ahead. Also landed a DSD from a member on here over the weekend which am really looking forward to receiving soon hopefully
  4. Just posted a little introduction over in the intro section although have been around a while Is anybody else getting a bad gateway with Perfect Clones site, just tried to access to get an update on my latest purchase but seems to be down??
  5. Hi one and all Been a member for nearly a year now, haven't posted much thus far but have been reading plenty. Just wanted to say what a great resource this is, the fountain of knowledge and willingness to pass this on is impressive.
  6. Fairly new to the forum and this is my first post. Just looking for some advice on purchasing a bracelet for my PAM 312L, i have a couple of leather straps but fancy a brushed Stainless bracelet also. Question is i am struggling to find a definative answer if the ones sold by some of the TD are suitable for the spring bar type strap attachment on my 312, as most seem to fit screw type. I have mailed a couple of the TD's and they have suggested a couple but just wanted to check with the abundence of experience here to se if anybody has purchased one. Lug is 24mm. Thanks in advance
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