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  1. Guys going badly here up from 8 to 39 in my hospital in 7 days. Load up on vitamin D guys and zinc along w/ K2 to offset side affects of D. MOAB prescription get 10 K gel D first week 3 per day, 1 after daily not w/ coffee in morn, at lunch & not at night w/ your dinner wine.LOL Watch and learn:
  2. Update from the upfront front lines in NY and NJ. My NY hospital is clean and quiet no COVID the NJ hospital had two last time there, so good news. My NJ system sends out updates regularly last one 69 in 6 hospitals again good. Is it the quiet before the storm I hope not , we shall see. On another more ominous note COVID has mutated and infected the Mink population of Denmark ( like17 k of them being destroyed) now this changes the spike protein so our vaccines might be ineffective. ( except the RNA one) Of course the Copenhagen airport still open flying here and there, when will these guys l
  3. Class act sorry to see him go. But never the less 90 , go for him!
  4. Nice Jack , very nice.................
  5. OH HOLO for all your expertise and ability to get parts and put them together properly you fail in only one category. Walk/talk softly like I do, if I had half your ability I'd be so confident I'd let the blows fall off my amour of ability and knowledge like a lite rain. Just a bit of advise from MOAB, relax you know your stuff .
  6. Guys watch this we have known this in hospital but you should also. So after 10-11 days not so invective it's in the start that the risk is most, be careful my friends.
  7. Hmmm Ray....................
  8. Guys load up on Zinc , D and C also K to offset high D levels , better out comes from peer reviewed studies. Just vitamins and minerals so big pharma does not like cheap as chips , worse case you spend a few bucks on them. Go on line watch DOC Campbell posted above in this thread on youtube you will get info on levels etc needed. Just like watches guys do your homework , don't be lazy your life could depend on it, need more motivation I can't help you. A lot of research and inside baseball stuff but take the K also D tends to build up calcium in your arteries K takes care o
  9. I do not and you could not pay me to go there! And I take a ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure!
  10. Jk from your lips to Gods ears, back to normal by Christmas. As of now we in the medical community are getting ready to be hit again in NY and NJ here in the states, we could be wrong but better safe than sorry.
  11. By the way guys vitamin D take it a lot of it, Spanish did a study on infected in there hospitals gave half D half not w/ same medicines. Guess who did well the high D folks so if get it go in w/ good D levels you increase your chances. Do some C also in your regiment along w/ Zinc. You want your immune system working at peak these things will give it a good fighting chance and they are cheap as chips.
  12. More good news my friends. I have cut this for the meat of the vid but urge to watch it all and Dr C daily. It seems our German friends are very thorough and on to something as to be expected, hat tip MOAB! https://youtu.be/TZ7vPxWC-3Y?t=271 Now the short of this is German info is age adjusted we all thought OH yea young getting tested positive they can weather the storm little hospitalization and deaths ( numbers look good) but they have found deaths by infection rate down dramatically over all as they isolated age groups in their data. Look above..
  13. JMB good move wish I was with you instead of on the front line. Keep going I may be able to get one when you cull the herd!
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