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  1. Hi Guys! The blood is old here gents......................so much the better.
  2. A real lose in our time, class act all the way. I know a lot in the UK get peeved at the cost of the monarchy but for 70 years of a near perfect figure head for your country worth every shilling & then some.
  3. I see so many here to pay their respects I have not seen it a long time . It strengthens my soul and more importantly it shows the kind of man Bob was, least we forget................
  4. Guys I know most of you for many years , you know what I do and my politics I hope ( Let's go Brandon). But I gotta say this, you got no idea of the death, mayhem , fear and bravery I have seen. Take it from whom it comes this was nightmare of biblical proportions: who had this or that before hand , who fudged the death certificate for the money matters not. I could go into details that would have some brand me as a leftist or a righty depending, I choose not to. Let it be guys the fat lady has not sung for some of this I can attest to.
  5. David my deepest condolences to you and your family we have lost one of the best. I was fortunate enough to have spent time with Bob as his work brought him to New Jersey and we would do dinner. This afforded us the opportunity to deepen our friendship as we worked closely together here for many years. There has been a lot of dramas and joys in Bob's life and mine over the last few years but when chips were really down we took counsel together, I will miss him greatly. RIP my dear friend the world is lesser place without you.
  6. Jorge till you speed 12 hours in the same dirty mask treating COVID patients on the front line I'd advise you leave this alone. (I have) Read the COVID thread in General Discussion and learn........................You want to come play in the COVID ward with me, come on down!
  7. A virus wants to keep their host alive but spread so it's mutations tend to go that route, spread better less deadly. Let us hope this one puts itself on the list of other viruses we can live with.
  8. Guys real good news, the beginning of the end of this plague if these studies hold true world wide.
  9. We will my friend this thing is so contagious it is forgone conclusion. For those of us on the front line it is a matter of to many of us getting it at the same time the general public does. We just do not have the people to man the place. This would lead to bad outcomes, if we can deliver proper care most will weather this variant but we are stretched so thin some could fall threw the cracks.
  10. All hands on deck that aren't unable to work due to covid. Well that's about the size of it very busy w/ lots of cases not enough staff, we should have had 5 to cover the 200 bed hospital I was at but had 4. Sounds like a small thing but think about ER, ICU plus 50 patients per RT. Now onto my snap shot of COVID: still taking up over half ICU but those we have on other floors seem to be not as bad. This variant attacks upper airways not the lower lungs that is the key to more folks walking out alive. I could get all technical here but will not dive in to it, to damned tired! And yes vaccinated folks do better overall , yes some bright bulb will find a case on a vaccinated person dying in an ICU but for the most part better off w/ it, end of story. To set the record straight I wore my "let's go Brandon !" t-shirt Christmas day and am pro gun and liberty but if the vaccines do the job and they do folks why not use them.
  11. Well guys been off for the Holiday last few weeks but back in hospital tomorrow will report the state of affairs. It has been pretty calm up north till now, I hear on the grape vine not going to be the case when I go back tomorrow. "Once more into the breach!"
  12. Hi guys still kicking tooling around in my PAPR hood at hospital, quiet in the north of USA till winter I'd bet. Be careful get the Vac ( I got my booster this week) to no ill effect except a sore arm.
  13. OK gents although CDC and NHS have note updated the symptoms for the new Delta COVID strain (80% more transmissible then Kent!) they are different. Watch: I have cut you in at the info to save time. If you look at new symptoms we would have just about anyone w/ allergies a cold and such getting tested and out of work that is why CDC & NHS are not updating IMHO. Be careful out there......................
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