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  1. I'm clear guys use adblock and ublock on PC as far as phone fine but I do not use tappatalk.
  2. And now on another note: Getting some flake from the wife in the bedroom sleeping as I howl along w/ this one..................
  3. On another note 21Js are cheap but if you get a good one it will chug along just fine not the greatest sweep but a work horse.
  4. I also use the 512 as an under the cuff Pam , why not another? or get movement service or a new movement put in, manuals not that expensive.
  5. But when all is said and done it's a Rolex, have to give them credit they know how to market their product.
  6. Keeper sobered up and took a look (damn spilled my Scotch the horror !!), where the heck you going here?
  7. Venting I would think Keeper.
  8. From a twilight zone episode;
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