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  1. You can link it.
  2. I picture that dial without it and I think "absolutely stunning" with it not so much.
  3. Here you go $229.00: http://www.sizzlinwatches.com/product/ticino-sea-viper-vintage-pro-diver-watch-gilt-dial/ And yes as stated Tigers cheap as chips: http://www.tiger-concept.com/5513-watch.html
  4. Guys we go over the top worrying , "P" speaks truth we are so so close.........................
  5. ! Wading into this one should be fun.................. teo, stop spamming and contact someone for help.
  6. Guys as you are most likely aware we had another scammer incident guess what they paid gift ! Look dealing with a guy you know or a long timer sure but I never use gift if you are my friend I pay the fees (if your my friend I could give a hoot abot few bucks), just my policy you'd be well served to adopt it.
  7. Russ I remember you and yes our builds get up there, welcome back! (We came on here about the same time)
  8. Enjoy some watch talk without the flaming and drama for awhile here at the home of the modders............. We have no "no flame zone" we do not have a need.
  9. Hey Russ you can hangout here with us for the time being.
  10. Still down............
  11. here you go: https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/
  12. Apostate! The great god of Rolex will unleash his wrath. LOL
  13. Had a few SOSF's are really nice and pretty dead on and at the price is gimme. Hold it modified 2813 might be problematic, look for one w/ an A2836 those I had ran great.
  14. Yes guys and the rules need to evolve with changing situations, the PP gift rule would have cut out the few scams we had around Christmas time.
  15. Relax just another night, I was teenager in the 70's you have no idea....................... Sorry didn't read the whole thread just your last post. STOP drinking you have enough on your plate without the booze. Being let us say without any baggage I was able to do stupid things w / little consequence, luck of the draw...............