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  1. Mike on a bike


    Frigging asshat!
  2. Mike on a bike


    Guys the response has been (I'm very very proud to say) heavy so I'll get you guys in the loop as soon as I can.
  3. Mike on a bike

    Pulled the trigger on a SARX

    The Sinn http://www.watchbuys.com/store/pc/Sinn-856-A-B-Tegimented-on-Bracelet-18p4324.htm Tudor: https://www.tudorwatch.com/watches/new-black-bay-fifty-eight/m79030n-0001 this one sill on the buy list funds allowing....................... & https://www.tudorwatch.com/watches/new-1926/m91650-0002 looked at many more but these were in the final running except for the Tudor 58 which was wanted but way over budget. Keep in mind the Seiko about 1000 less that the other two and it's build quality is as good as if not better of course the Sinn is a tank but really not necessary for my life activities.
  4. Mike on a bike


    Thanks mate!
  5. Mike on a bike


    I have gotten some responses here , you know who you are I will be reaching out to you guys as promised in regard ASAP, thank you!
  6. Mike on a bike

    Only in Alaska

    This week in Alaska!A giant moose!!!
  7. Mike on a bike

    Pulled the trigger on a SARX

    If you look around a 1,000 delivered.
  8. Mike on a bike


    Guys we are doing a fund raiser for a member in need there are 118 of us here right now so a lot of money is not key but a lot of participation is! Think about just 5 bucks from that group would add up to over 500 dollars!! The PP is mvmsr22@gmail.com put in your form name in notes I will PM you w/ details, rather than put this out in the open. I'm sure you would rather it that way if it were you. So whatever 5-10 bucks more if you can, it all adds up.................
  9. Mike on a bike

    Pulled the trigger on a SARX

    You know "G' when I looked at the prices of the others I was considering and the quality/cost ratio my choice was evident.
  10. Mike on a bike

    Pulled the trigger on a SARX

    Well been going back and forth looking at everything from Tudor to Sinn and just about everything else...............Like most of you I spend my time looking at watches on line, reading reviews, watching vids on youtube all this while sitting surrounded by watches, a few I can't find most disturbing. Now as most know despite my massive wrist size I prefer smaller watches, lighter the better and the the dial on this is just stunning. So I bought yet another! Happen to be sober only one beer so kinda strange , but I digress let's look at it.............
  11. Mike on a bike

    New ARF and Noob Daytonas

    AH Woody everybody has their opinion on this now some thinking about where rep movements come from and the questionable QC well they service it as soon as they get it, now others are in the " if it ain't broke don't fix it " camp. Your call................ PS as others have stated this is a tough movement to work only a rep watch smith should be used and a damn good one at that.
  12. Mike on a bike

    Jensen has problems

    Well they were pretty much out in the open about it , surprised it took Rolex so long.
  13. Mike on a bike

    Reccomend watch smith in the Bay Area, CA

    In all likelihood you are not going to find someone you can drive to for reps.
  14. Mike on a bike

    Where is that seller

    No no problems we did not take him off.