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  1. LOL! You are here due my patience which is getting pretty close to null.
  2. Holo how long are those Gen bracelets? Wondering if one will fit me.
  3. Alligoat if I see them I clear up , rather than me trying to be all over the poster of any multi post can get ride of them. On another note we have not found the cause yet.
  4. Edit on the bottom of your post then just get ride of it.
  5. Time machine time........ I always think of Bob/Nanuq when I hear this he being up in Alaska, it fits...........but more so fits the depth of the man I know. Two very odd bookends are we.................................
  6. https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/
  7. Also my posts go in but I can not see myself as last poster just happen here. ! see your post on home page as last but when I go into look my post is there. OK now showing maybe takes awhile.............also check out my thread in mod area on double posting.
  8. Nice looking watch but to big for my tastes.
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