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  1. Mike on a bike

    Solstice Midnight in Alaska

    As for what I know of gun laws in Alaska (basically none existent ) should be easy enough to pack a handgun w/ enough punch to take one down. This should do the trick: S&W model 29 w/ the magnum load not the special for your neighborhood , yes the "Dirty Harry" of Eastwood fame piece.
  2. Mike on a bike

    Solstice Midnight in Alaska

    OK that's weird 12 midnight..................
  3. Mike on a bike

    First rep purchases in a really long time.

    WOW! Now that's bling, I guess if your going down that road no half measures................................
  4. Mike on a bike

    Review: ZF Tudor Pelagos Blue Titanium!

    There goes the bank account , reps are like chips you can not have one!
  5. Mike on a bike

    Review: ZF Tudor Pelagos Blue Titanium!

  6. Mike on a bike

    Important message from Bergies

    My condolences my friend.
  7. Mike on a bike

    Gasket advice from modders?

    Well gents if you did not know the ins and outs of gaskets you do now.
  8. Mike on a bike

    Gasket advice from modders?

    OK guys let's take it a step further this is RWG cc not a noob board for the latest V whatever, we build: nitril or viton gaskets? My research has led me here: " Re: Which Dive Watches Use Viton Gaskets or Seals?
  9. Mike on a bike


    Not our guy Markie & did not happen here just a bit of inter-board news so neither I nor legend in charge of investigating the case. You know guys best to stay home here where we know each other when buying/selling, there is an upside to being a smaller community.
  10. Mike on a bike


    Really, pissed on the sweep of a low beat ! You know maybe a couple of things other than this were not perfect but does anyone really want to deal w/ this guy.
  11. Mike on a bike


    "I have seen pics and videos of the watches both before and after shipment. I had broken down the cause of each defect of the watches to the buyer, and explained that the root issues are not as disastrous as the symptoms. The buyer had offered to send the watches back for fixing and not raise any pp dispute." Well then due diligence has been done by Legend and a fair solution has been put forth, so our buyer not listening to advice of mods at RWI and here has gone nuclear................... Patience, patience grasshoppers it is the key, allow those who look out for us to help you. Of course this is not the case, Oh how an easy fix or two could have averted this fiasco.
  12. Mike on a bike


    Hmm if this is true adds some color. You know guys it is a hard thing when not in the cat bird seat myself examining all the evidence: most do not go through the lengths we do here to hear cases, they go w/ expediency.( but considering their size I understand) Know that here both sides are in my PM box w/ at least one other mod in it to make a decision and on another note we do not set prices. I trust you guys to have a brain when buying or selling, we are not overrun w/ noobs to be protected nor the biggest board , better for us!
  13. Mike on a bike


    This guy a real piece of sh*t! PS cissiboy not your fault dude sh*t happens.................
  14. Mike on a bike

    Andrea Leotta problem buyer

  15. Mike on a bike

    JKF 1680 Red Dial Sub Relume

    Yes great work there, have not seen very many done so well!