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  1. A lot going on but what else is new , good to see you posting.
  2. Hey hello buddy long time no see here hope all is well, sure somebody knows in the brain trust at RWG.
  3. Well all you Doxa guys what do you think: https://doxawatches.com/products/sub-200
  4. Sell them here and these are the rules: https://rwg.cc/forum/352-watches/
  5. Never saw a rep either.................. Interesting video pretty damn close.
  6. Not me Andy it'd be a cold day in hell I took pics that good! LOL Glad it got in safely, sucks to be us wrists to big!
  7. Never really hear much out of them but in truth I can watch them from my deck having coffee and they are out of easy ear shot, I'll have to go out to the tree and listen.
  8. Mated pair hunting from my willow for years. Their nest is up the west end of lake sometimes one stays in my willow other across a small bulge in lake on a large pine then they swoop down from each side. My old Willow hosting the Eagles...............
  9. My backyard at 8AM: Pics not by me , they are good! LOL
  10. I agree w/ Jack wear it as is that is as authentic as it gets, the back story different parts put on are all part of it's history. When you have real thing no need to go crazy making it dead on you are already there.
  11. This is true.......................
  12. Good stuff let's hope they get supply flowing again, I doubt it but there's always hope.
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