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  1. You can't beat a lovely Box !

    Nice Andy , love the title but then again we are PG so what was I hoping for!
  2. Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    Let me put it to you this way cost $350 now if a guy buys it who can not fix it's 100 to get a watch smith to open take a look see & fix if nothing big but what if movement totally screwed or may be just a screw loose stopping it who knows. Not many rolling the dice on that because> if it was running fine but used watch it would go for 275-300 (watches lose value once not new), so your best bet is to fix then sell or get lucky and one of our watch smiths picks it up as he can fix no cost for himself.
  3. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Disesel I have conus guys but best to get EU out of the way before shipping back to USA, then we have Asia.
  4. State of affairs in REP Hobby

    I agree , most of the problems I get in PM box from members are movement issues. If you can not fix your own (which most of us can't, myself included) you either send watch back to China (a nightmare I always advise against) or increase the cost even more by sending to one of our watch smiths, now we are back to cost against a mid tier gen. On the flip side you will get a very accurate looking well running Rep for what 10% or less of a gen of that model in the end. This is why it is called a hobby the one watch wonders who pay 4-5 hundred bucks for the latest sub and have a movement problem go off on dealers, the hobby, me LOL!, those of us who have been around w/ large collections just take it in stride get it fixed without drama.
  5. State of affairs in REP Hobby

    Rick actually quite an astute observation as a noob, we long timers have noticed this also and there have been discussions. Two major points usually agreed on are: Yes REP are better but pricing is to high they are into gen automatic watch area from very refutable makers around for years forget micros plenty of nice ones out there. Secondly the overall trend of males to not wear watches ,they have their phone for time. In any event welcome and good luck on your journey into the REP world, remember gaining the knowledge to achieve your goals is half the fun.
  6. What in the hell is this?

    Google Rolex 1803 and see for yourself..................
  7. What in the hell is this?

    Well if he was correct worth a lot more as I saw pricing on these while researching for you.
  8. What in the hell is this?

    Well that 0750 is on 3131 but they are Daytonas from what I can find. Either worthless or a real rare bird and then your talking some $! A pimped out 1803 maybe guys? Crown and case profile pics would help, also you feel comfortable opening to take a look see at the movement?
  9. Police raids

    Well worry is relative, did you buy from a TD / If so no worry if not yes worry. As far as raids they do this every so often , part of the game over there .
  10. NY / NJ Get Together - This Weekend

    Will try and and make it mate, a bit of a haul for me 2 hours and getting home at 7 or so that morn from work.
  11. Gen Rolex 3135 Issues

    Gen right. I'd practice on an Asian and send it of to Mike................but I do that with everything , better safe than sorry. PS yes 20 miles of mostly water!
  12. Gen Rolex 3135 Issues

    Amp lower, shit "P" ..................
  13. 1962 gilt 5512 PCG

    Bart you are really getting tired of this one and you should sell it to me as it's my birth year grail watch!! LOL PS Stunning you are an artist..............
  14. Never buy at http://warchive.net

    Since Nov. TF, keep me posted on this.
  15. How good is the Asian Caliber 3187?

    Give it some time , I'm sure some have some thoughts/experience with it.