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  1. Basel world release Rolex GMT Pepsi in stainless

    Nice TF but for less than half (4k) you can get the new Tudor Pepsi................ I love the fact they put the Rolex GMT on the Jubilee again though but 9k! https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/tudor-black-bay-gmt-introducing
  2. Ivan Dials

    Hmm who is this "Darklord" though not in need of a dial at the moment I feel the need to establish contact for future reference, at which board does he operate out of?
  3. New watch sale forum

    Yes Doc all sales here require VIP.
  4. AH! Russia I knew it, get Mueller on it! But seriously could look at those blued hands all day.......................wear in good health AJ.
  5. Credits to the man who saved my Prohunter..

    That is why he is called "legend" ! PS Yes interesting bracelet, source?
  6. Tropical 6542 GMT Case detailing

  7. Confused

  8. Well Blueradish does not seem to sporting a massive wrist size , all a matter of taste. I have huge wrist over 8 inches and wear them small..............my work watch is a 38mm, TI/lite and pretty thin.
  9. WOW! is right some great watches here.
  10. MBK Nautilus Jumbo

    Find a watch smith................
  11. Listing not showing?

    Bump, problem continues......
  12. Simple yet simply stunning, if you decide to part w/ it one day PM me.
  13. I need help ! Question about Rolex movement

    Ask Misiekped he will know.............
  14. Cannot reply to messages there is no text box! :-(

    Well sorry but that is my fix has been working for me had this problem off and on for awhile. The chief is on holiday flying into NYC by me so we will have to wait a bit to look into it.
  15. Cannot reply to messages there is no text box! :-(

    Ah go to theme with drop down arrow default there under IPS Theme , put mouse over it it will show.