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  1. I do not and you could not pay me to go there! And I take a ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure!
  2. Jk from your lips to Gods ears, back to normal by Christmas. As of now we in the medical community are getting ready to be hit again in NY and NJ here in the states, we could be wrong but better safe than sorry.
  3. By the way guys vitamin D take it a lot of it, Spanish did a study on infected in there hospitals gave half D half not w/ same medicines. Guess who did well the high D folks so if get it go in w/ good D levels you increase your chances. Do some C also in your regiment along w/ Zinc. You want your immune system working at peak these things will give it a good fighting chance and they are cheap as chips.
  4. More good news my friends. I have cut this for the meat of the vid but urge to watch it all and Dr C daily. It seems our German friends are very thorough and on to something as to be expected, hat tip MOAB! https://youtu.be/TZ7vPxWC-3Y?t=271 Now the short of this is German info is age adjusted we all thought OH yea young getting tested positive they can weather the storm little hospitalization and deaths ( numbers look good) but they have found deaths by infection rate down dramatically over all as they isolated age groups in their data. Look above..
  5. JMB good move wish I was with you instead of on the front line. Keep going I may be able to get one when you cull the herd!
  6. Been watching him for a long time spot on so far. Let us hope with this first of major positive info he is spot on as in the past.
  7. Guys finally some good news on the COVID front, watch this Doctor I do every day he is on the money. I am elated!!!
  8. Rower couldn't agree more. Everyone from WHO, CDC and of course Trump not to mention a few Governor's have screed up in spades. Meanwhile people die or have respiratory problems for the rest of their lives. Florida should be in lock down stay at home orders weeks ago , Texas seems to be getting their heads out of their ass albeit slowly. Trump is such an ass if he had taken the other side of this showing more concern for people locking us down send out money to everyone we would be in decent shape now and he would win election . Now who do I vote for Biden is senile and Trump can't get out o
  9. Well gents I implore you to watch this: NO watch it for sure for your own good! Now WHO finally conceded this after much pressure, be careful out there. I know most can't get N95s but something is better than nothing.
  10. Looking good buddy, wish I was with you to shoot off some rounds!
  11. Guys w/ hands as large as ours should not be working on watches! LOL PS you mean you need to be able to see small things I'm out , tried w/ two pairs of glasses still fuc*ed it up! I even have the jeweler head gear w/ round magnifier that comes down and a light, again no joy......................
  12. Hello old friend, and here now the news.................. Well pretty calm at the two NJ and one NY I work at at last report, few 1 to 3 COVID cases each biz as usual sort off, all wearing masks all the time. That being said here's the bad news as restrictions are loosened I see big trouble observed in my daily travels yesterday looming on the horizon. Bars are allowed out side tables saw a place I know on my way to Verizon for a new phone a few guys spread out plenty of tables ( Hmm do I stop in for one on the way home?) and another local spot I know also the same. Flash forward
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