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  1. " Does it get any better...i am impressed! " So am I it is pretty dead on!
  2. New Breitling GMT- Bezel Help

    Crap TF that sucks and of course I have no idea where it goes! Wise in the ways of the rep world is MOAB but fixing watches a numpty.
  3. Where in US can I get my rep Paneria fixed?

    Hey you have the same state that is a score, rep friendly watch smiths are as rare as hens teeth. We have guys shipping back and forth from conus to EU for some specialty Rolex mods. (top of the line case work is another art..........)
  4. Lest we Forget

    If that don't bring a tear to your eye well I can't help you.................
  5. Isnt this forum the best?

    Nothing sinister here B and S just got a bit obsessive on a Breitling and you know how they pile on elsewhere if it happened here we'd just roll our eyes.
  6. Not able to renew my Platinum upgrade...

    I think you have to do 6 month min.
  7. Isnt this forum the best?

    Fluffy you know I know the whole story therefore you are welcome here.
  8. New Orange Diver

    A rare find indeed !

    For one thing a clone is not Swiss it is a clone/copy hence made in China not Swiss made and maybe take cover off post in our Rolex section the guys there can tell you what you have.

    I know completely understandable it is common place elsewhere but as stated found to be ineffective tool in a cost benefit analysis, that is why I clarified.

    Guys just to clarify we do not have a post count rule because you can run up a post count pretty easy if you have evil in mind, then we go a counting then are they quality posts very subjective & very time consuming. I know done elsewhere but in my experience the guys who really are going to burn us are smart operators they come hangout talk about this and that in regard to watches builds and then strike. Of course a guy signing up selling some fairly expensive pieces would catch our eye and more importantly should catch yours, you are grown men handle your buys smartly. PS This is in no way a reflection on courtney just information in regard.
  12. New pick up- gen omega speedy pro

    Very nice TF , wear in good health my friend.
  13. Watch parts

    I use that also for reasons above , good stuff! Jack I wipe it down real good w/ a soft absorbent cloth and let it dry.
  14. Anybody buy from www.iswws.net

    Grail do they have something the TDs don't ? If not why bother taking the chance and if they have and none of the TDs do not makes me wonder................
  15. Guys auto watch event NYC

    OCT 27th - 29th, 2017, CHELSEA MARKET, NYC \ http://www.windup.wornandwound.com/?trk_contact=VTSNS3AQNOEFCVI983DGFK1TRG&trk_msg=0KEMU8D20M24LF236L85HSKS80&trk_sid=MNLBNB3QR29O68ET10R447PASO&utm_campaign=Corrected%2BDates%3A%2BJoin%2Bus%2Bat%2Bthe%2BWind-Up%2BWatch%2BFair%2Bin%2BNYC&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Listrak&utm_term=title1 Worn & Wound's Wind-Up Watch Fair is a 3-day long watch culture event featuring a range of curated watch brands, accessories and ephemera. It’s the first and only watch fair of its kind, and the largest in the United States; designed to bring watches, brands and fans together in a fun, approachable and engaging environment. Wind^Up is free and open to the public, encouraging everyone from seasoned fans, to people considering their first timepiece, to curious passersby to come in, take a look and talk watches.