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  1. Yes moving photos around a bit tricky these days the way we are set up. I have problems myself maybe one of the more techy guys will know...............
  2. IMHO an upgrade.............
  3. A few minor crystal scratches and pulled out a few crowns but other than that been very lucky.
  4. I have one for you how does 40 bucks sound ,heavily modded!
  5. Guys this is true , verified so beware.
  6. Looks good TF, I guess lemon juice never tried just let the bronze do what bronze does...............
  7. Link: and more guys.................
  8. Guys although I am sure there refutable sellers other than our TDs here and rinkaan may have found one stay with the Trusted Dealers listed in our dealer section. If your watch gets taken by customs they replace if there is a problem I can help you. You really gain nothing, as we all know the watches all come from the same factories you could save a few bucks but have a very good chance of losing it all. Rinkaan have you looked at our dealers? All in english plenty of photos of reps not gens and been around doing honest business for years.
  9. Sorry to hear grail that sucks,next time some guy goes pissing on a TD over something little niggle we should link them to this thread.
  10. Huzzah!
  11. OK guys sneak peak on our next offering and I have some great pieces for you. This one donated by the legend ,legend! specs: v6 Hublot Ice Bang $450 shipped v1 hands and dial $50 Taka Crystal $65 Aftermarket bezel screws $45 serviced and regulated movement with swiss main spring $250 Aftermarket gummy straps $55 Aftermarket deployant clasp $55 Aftermaket Tungsten bezel with correct 4.5 teeth/row $75 Total spent $1045 and one more in sneak peak me thinks a root beer GMT! Keeping COSC time by the way A2836............. Sorry can not get pics over here no matter how I try,link. http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=129662&hl=&fromsearch=1 My pics suck watch looks great!
  12. Never saw one and I want one! Stunning!!
  13. Well $238 pretty cheap but looking at it would not take a punt on it.
  14. If you get local post small town on phone no problem if in big city not so much help, my guys know I ship watches like crazy never a problem.
  15. HA! did not think of it that way...........must be getting old!