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  1. Looking good buddy, wish I was with you to shoot off some rounds!
  2. Guys w/ hands as large as ours should not be working on watches! LOL PS you mean you need to be able to see small things I'm out , tried w/ two pairs of glasses still fuc*ed it up! I even have the jeweler head gear w/ round magnifier that comes down and a light, again no joy......................
  3. Hello old friend, and here now the news.................. Well pretty calm at the two NJ and one NY I work at at last report, few 1 to 3 COVID cases each biz as usual sort off, all wearing masks all the time. That being said here's the bad news as restrictions are loosened I see big trouble observed in my daily travels yesterday looming on the horizon. Bars are allowed out side tables saw a place I know on my way to Verizon for a new phone a few guys spread out plenty of tables ( Hmm do I stop in for one on the way home?) and another local spot I know also the same. Flash forward 1.5 hours on the way home, Both pretty packed guys all over real close usual out door bar stuff pre COVID in close groups no masks (hey can not drink w/ a mask) naturally I kept going. Now Texas has closed their Bars while Jersey reopens cases up big time there ( and I do not mean to pick on bars I love them!!! LOL) Look gents this is spread mainly by breathing in and out without a mask in close proximity to others out doors or not get it. So now we a 4-6 week time line till we are back in the shit again. Mark my works if I am still kicking I will report and I have no doubt I will be right, just the nature of the beast we fight. I ask God to give me ability to do a Vulcan mind meld w/ these fools I will take them through a 12 hour shift w/ ONE mask to keep reusing while your patients die on vents and you are helpless to save them, then they can go home and change their pants they just shit. Look guys you know me many years fuck what your government tells you they do not care, economic activity is their goals lives are the cost of doing biz, your lives. Be very careful go overboard keeping you and your family safe sterile technique is key, every thing in must get washed down w/ COVID killing disinfectant, order delivery OK, wait in the driveway w/ clean plates put food on them dump their stuff in the trash them disinfect you hands. Best to cook your own get clean in and put away. Do not order salads how are you going to insure they are safe bagged or not. I have more if you need info on how to disinfect just PM or ask here since Clorox and Lysol are almost unobtainable, there are many options. Over the top MOAB you say HAA! you know nothing till you spend weeks running COVID vents nothing at all. On the flip side I have seen some restaurants doing it right, out door setting reservations only spread out good job ( my wife and I went out yesterday) but they are few and far between search them out and order wisely.
  4. HI! guys good to hear how some old friends are doing, Keep yourselves and families safe in these trying times.
  5. Thanks "G" hopefully it will calm down.
  6. OK test negative oldtools.
  7. read guys, I mean it: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/usernotices/counterfeitResp.html
  8. Still kicking guys on a 14 day isolation due frequent Covid exposure, we shall see.
  9. News from the front, another day in the trenches in NY state fighting the good fight. I can not even begin to describe the fearlessness of these young kids ( did you have that in early to mid 20s) Nurses, care partners (nurse helpers so to speak), xray techs, phlebotomist, if I missed any body sorry. Let me high lite maybe the most selfless of all our house keeping staff going in cleaning up room w/ certain COVID-19 all over, paid little all heart and balls are they. Let me also inform you that restaurants, pizza places are all sending use food unasked donated and the spread made by one one of our local churches members today was magnificent covering an entire 20 foot conference table with great homemade everything! ( I need that recipe for potato salad best I ever had) These times can bring out one of two things, today I saw the best in us..............humbled am I.
  10. I go back and forth between absolute despair and fear then stupid bravery in the course of my duties, a roller coaster my friends.
  11. From his lips to Gods ears guys, been off a couple of days tomorrow once more unto the breach.
  12. "Covid-19 is airborne for 3 hours and sticks to surfaces like metal and plastic for 6 hours up to 3 days" we are getting different info here in the states much less ominous I hope your guys are wrong because if that's he case we are truly f**ked .
  13. I agree Timelord this being said we have not the means to combat what lies ahead by a half measure. It is what it is gents this is perhaps a bit caviler but I have seen so much death. I deal w/ ALS patients (a death sentence) every week in my home care role the care given to them by their loved ones humbles me, it both wears my spirit and reinforces it as I go from death to death. Off to bed 12 hours of it tomorrow to fight the good fight despite the odds, how could you do any less.
  14. Well gents as of 8PM tonight all bars (the horror!) and restaurants are closed (only take out) in NJ. And now for a little inside baseball : As some of you know I am Respiratory Therapist front line on this and I know you hear/read that there are not enough vents to accommodate the upcoming numbers of folks who fall prey to CONVID-19 what is not reported is even w/ the vents we do not have enough Respiratory Therapists to run them. (you can only stay awake so long) I only saw this reported in one article on it now there are some Pulmonologist who can and very few nurses who can run our first line vents so I'm going to be a bit busy.................... PS Side note our front line vents are pretty easy to operate but the stock pile of emergency vents (LTVs 1000 and 1200) are a bit*h to run in comparison , work well do the job not to worry but unless you know your stuff might as well be pinball machine. These are the ones stock piled for emergencies such as this. I am sure we will as a profession handle it, we'll do 16 hours shifts if needed ( all we can by law) and get it done.
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