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  1. That is a bit strange, not that I didn't know about it just strange to see.
  2. The watch heading out to sea on the wife.
  3. Well I did get to Beach Creek but our waitress moved on never the less I had some fun. So the watch and I did a little bit of drinking and eating! Those shots had oysters on top! Nexet on to Mud Hens..
  4. She did been married to long didn't pickup on it. Sure that pic will go over well with the wife!
  5. The watch is back in Wildwood NJ at the beach. With matching top of course!
  6. I have spent a lot of time defending us on other boards "the knitting circle" they call us. I've always counter w/ our guys are pondering builds and doing movement work in ivory towers we are the brain trust of the rep world , that puts a cork in it they know and the above is why.
  7. They had to go with feelings ( I feel pretty good saving a bundle!) as they admit to close to call without a loop and a lot of knowledge. The movements really got them shitting their knickers now that was just about all they had but no more.
  8. I personally prefer steel but to each his own. I think it is about quality also I have a couple from Astonjenks with some very high end straps (I would not pay what AJ does for a strap) that are a joy to wear. Forget the rep straps in most cases crap but even low to mid range ones I've bought I'd rather the steel. Now if I spent 200 plus there are leathers I'd wear happily, this particular watch no but that is just me, as I said to each his own. PS crystal looks stunning mate!
  9. No first hand experience TF, looks legit but you never know....................
  10. Guys if you do PM me I'll have an extra couple to spare.
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