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  1. Keeper sobered up and took a look (damn spilled my Scotch the horror !!), where the heck you going here?
  2. From a twilight zone episode;
  3. Beyond classic tonight................. Bobs gonna like this one, get mellow gents life is to short. This from the guy who was going to start war (go to the mattresses) on all the boards over one of mods missing watch, quite a paradox.
  4. Not my cup of tea AJ but as a rep I'd would buy give it a shot most likely sell off in time but at 14k not a chance. So many beautiful watches for less even Pams I'd get first with money left over for another one!
  5. Dealers that will not rip you off located here: https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/
  6. I'll take a tie up at the GW bridge, safer!
  7. Yes, Legend, 508, OK W/ the Captain Marvel turn not a problem but this is just not right on so many levels.
  8. So forget your new James Bond Omega unless your going w/ a ladies watch............... I am a pretty open minded guy but this is just wrong and I like women in some strong roles Marvel been doing well there, but this move nope nope wrong............
  9. Not a Patek guy but I can tell you rule of thumb is stay away from plated w/ any rep. This being said if you are only going to wear for special occasions it should hold up well for everyday I would not go w/ gold of any hue. As far as color being on that I can not speak to.
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