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  1. Mike on a bike

    Happy Birthday!

    Checked out the menu AJ looks great! Not to shabby!! LOL
  2. Mike on a bike

    Happy Birthday!

    Many more AJ, enjoy!
  3. Mike on a bike

    getting a rep submariner

    I'd go with 2836 , it will give it away if you open it but who is going to open except a rep watch smith.
  4. Mike on a bike

    getting a rep submariner

    It seems you have found BK , good. I also noticed you asked him to contact you , well that's sort of not the way it works. Click on his name send a message (A PM) to him in regard the watch you want . He also has his email right under his section , you contact him is protocol.
  5. Mike on a bike

    Hey Brits!

    Found this funny and cleverly done, I know serious issue for you guys but always best to have a little fun.
  6. Mike on a bike

    Scammed @ RWI by Frederico Houtjes

    Bad news to hear always. I know sometimes a watch we want is elsewhere but here VIP (or above of course) members can pm me to check on a seller (I realize other boards to big to provide this courtesy), the bottom line is stay home here we have very little of it. It does happen however but being small unknowns stick out like a sore thumb so most scammers go to the busy boards to get lost in the numbers, makes sense. I rarely buy elsewhere because most of my buys here are from guys who I know for years no worries and you know that watch elsewhere I wanted so so bad I may not get the watch or my money back. Golden Rule: Never pay PP gift unless you know the guy pay the fee eat it if have to, small $ for the insurance policy no...................
  7. Mike on a bike

    classified advertising

    Lago if you want to sell here get a VIP and post parts in parts section like everybody else.
  8. Mike on a bike

    Gen-stein-franken-Tudor Project(s) Kickoff

    Lago if you want to sell here get a VIP and post parts in parts section like everybody else.
  9. Mike on a bike

    Scammer member RTL2

    Ben, I am aware of many particulars you properly are not having been in the loop w/ my fellow admins on both sites at the time. They know my position and reasons why, this matter is closed here understood. Coming over and stirring this up not gonna happen. MOAB
  10. Mike on a bike


    They all buy from the same factories , read up in our dealer section choose one you feel most comfortable with.
  11. Mike on a bike

    Where have all the franken 6538’s gone?

    Yes it is! They make fun calling us "the knitting circle"on RWG bz I always say our guys are in "ivory towers pondering builds" those lemmings are buying the latest V whatever the dealers put out. We are the brain trust of the rep world this has never disputed successfully a matter of they don't go there, they know deep down where the expertise is. I stride proudly through the rep world representing RWG cc. w/ you guys behind me.
  12. Mike on a bike

    Couldn't resist on reps again

    Nice to see you back mate.
  13. Mike on a bike

    New watch smith!

    Well guys I am happy to announce we have a new watch smith in our approved Repair/Mod services section so please join me in welcoming Mike/rionrlty to the group.
  14. Mike on a bike

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    You and me both brother even w/ my 8.5 inch wrist no cuckoo clocks for me and lord knows I can wear them!
  15. Mike on a bike

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    The trend is smaller watches at least to those in the know, the day of big ones is on the decline give it a few years ................... as far as factories they will cater to the numbers for now but those who are buying gen are going smaller they will catch up. The whole point is to offer cheaper reps instead of high price gens in demand , so when the smaller tread takes hold they will follow.