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  1. If you get local post small town on phone no problem if in big city not so much help, my guys know I ship watches like crazy never a problem.
  2. HA! did not think of it that way...........must be getting old!
  3. It's not the time in it's what you do with it................
  4. Great watch solid company , I have bought on sale from them also never a problem.
  5. And so it begins I was afraid of this: http://abc7ny.com/news/terrorism-suspected-after-vehicle-strikes-pedestrians-near-london-mosque/2117195/ I had beseeched Muslims of good character to police their own now the victims of their brethren will use terrorism in kind.
  6. These are pretty reasonable in the states I looked them up yesterday.
  7. Unless an open case back no point in all this engraving crap a A2836 plain Jane is just fine.
  8. Relax BigT your doing the right thing.
  9. Works for me good move ,check it out see if it suits then go a grade or two higher. I think that's good but who knows...................
  10. I have had a few still one or two about,you can not beat them at their price point quality ratio.
  11. Nice search Dlf.
  12. GO to settings in your drop down under your Handle/name here signature option in there.
  13. PS only you and few others would know the " Caribbean" inference ..............By the way it means the blue one in Doxa parlance guys.
  14. Their are many colors................. let me get a linky! http://shop.doxawatches.com/shop/doxasub/jenny-caribbean-300/?v=7f8a87e10234 Thinking blue in my cart, I would usually go orange on Doxa but in this model just not cutting it the same take a look................ Hitting the sack "B" let me know what you think?
  15. Just the right size................ Satin brushed solid stainless steel (316L). 42 mm in diameter (excluding crown), 12.3 mm in height. Stainless steel screw-down crown. The JENNY Caribbean 300 is hand assembled in Switzerland. Case back is solid-stainless steel, screw-back, engraved limited edition number xxx/500 Top of the line ETA............. High grade Swiss Made 2824-2 ETA movement, 25 jewels self-winding Swiss made with hacking second function, 42 hours of power reserve, engraved rotor. Now you can showboat w/ a rep or go pure diver heritage here for under a G and never worry about water! Yes a Seiko will get you there but be the horologist you are who knows "Doxa" , fear no dive!