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  1. Lunchtime

    Looking for IWC Pilots Top Gun Miramar Chrono 3880

    It's unfortunately not the chrono
  2. Lunchtime

    Looking for IWC Pilots Top Gun Miramar Chrono 3880

    .... bump.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Lunchtime

    First wristie of daily beater

    Thanks all! No, no turtle. It's not automatic. I understand he bought it in Germany after having worked for a while at an American military base there in the fifties (he was Czech, I'm Norwegian).
  4. My grandfather's Certina DS.
  5. Lunchtime

    Rep import story

  6. Lunchtime

    Rep import story

    And a pretty accurate reenactment I'm sure, Jkay:)
  7. Lunchtime

    Rep import story

    Good to know, A-W;) Had just heard so many stories of seized watches and stuff. I got this cheap, guys, and although I'm no rep expert yet it's certainly a lot better than the piece of rattling junk I bought outside a Mediterranean resort in the eighties:) Seems like a sturdy automatic watch any way you think of it. Heavier and smaller than I thought, but feels good on the wrist.
  8. Lunchtime

    Rep import story

    So... Finally got my first rep at my local post office. A registered parcel with a note on it saying that it has been opened by customs looking for an invoice. I got the package and reopened it and saw that they also had torn out the ticking pretty high quality Rolex rep inside the package, taped it up again and stamped it with "No import duty"... (?) What's their job again..? Well, fine by me of course. Anyway, here's my puny wrist with my first rep:
  9. Oh, and an exquisite gift watch you made there, Ubi! Wow.
  10. Excellent! A lot of suggestions to look through here. And as I suspected no TAG-Heuers in sight (which I think is a clue that this guy doesn't have much of a watch clue). Thanks thus far. Off for googling.
  11. Automatic Pilot's watches (modern looking as well) from somewhat wellknown brands then? Just to know what he might have been on about.
  12. I tried to suggest a good rep too but that was out of the question as neither of them know of this "fake business" and it may have been a let down to try and explain this to him after getting the nice watch. Steinhart is a great suggestion as far as I can tell, but even I have never heard of this brand before this week, so apart from "Swiss Made" it may not be that impressive a brand to them. But I'll suggest some models and send some links to her. Thanks. Are there any other relatively "cheap" brands with a good heritage/brand with pilot's watches? Preferably something related to WW2?
  13. My female friend is looking for a new genuine watch priced between maybe EUR 650-1300 as a morning gift for her soon to become husband. He has specifically said he likes the "WW2 pilot watch" style (and TAG-Heuer but I don't think those two combine but prove me wrong!). Please help, hive mind of RWG!
  14. Lunchtime

    "Classic" simple blk bez divers watches ?

    I stand corrected. Am currently hunting the forums for a modded vintagized one if anyone knows of one.
  15. Lunchtime

    "Classic" simple blk bez divers watches ?

    That's a good looking watch, but not the "classic" look we're after now (I reserve the right to change my mind though;). As for my thoughts on plexi and WR, that was certainly not based on experience. Maybe just afraid to get cracks in it as opposed to glass/sapphire. Am planning on using it everyday. But hey, sell me one and I'll try:)