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  1. Happy Birthday azzid!

  2. Happy Birthday azzid!

  3. Those are great straps, I've got two of them. One black stitched and the other one is white. Would say they are definitely one of the best straps from panatime. Would look good on whatever pam style watch you can put it on(specially on PVD), very soft too. I really like how it changes color from tobacco brown to a bit orangey when it's bent or stretched. Nice watch by the way!
  4. If I was using an iphone I would be all over this, simply one of the best(and simpliest) style I've seen on a forum.
  5. Want to say hi to all forum members. I'm currently on my 4th month in this watch madness and I'm hoping to get more knowledge while having fun in this hobby. =)
  6. Welcome to the forums azzid :)

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