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  1. Sead has some Uk stock most of the time
  2. Welcome! You're lucky to be in UK... Other members from Eu countries have sh*tty customs to worry about
  3. I just paid for the white version, can't wait to check out the quality
  4. Puretime also has a 1665 Comex... is this watch easier to mod?
  5. Does somebody have contact with RolexAddict? He does not answer Pms nor mails...
  6. But RA did this with a thick 1665 case... : http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php?t=109155 so it's possible right?
  7. but can this PT version be modded to get it close ?
  8. I'd also like the lume to be more white and crispier can this be done by modding? Or is a new dial recommended? (Sorry I'm a vintage noob)
  9. Hi I've ordered this PT5514 : http://puretime-asia.com/product/vintage-comex-submariner-5514-best-edition/ which I'm planning to mod by RolexAddict. My budget is not that big (that why I chose this model, it has decent dial I think and ETA low beat) First of all I now this case is a 1665 case right? So it too thick... can this be modded or do I need to source any new parts to get it decent or can RA pull it of with this stock watch? If new parts needed, which ones do I need Oh btw he doesn't respond to my mail, any info on that? Thanks!
  10. as you know Paypal responds within 24h.. so it had already been refunded when this paypal employee responded to my question
  11. Why does Paypal keep the fees then? They only do that with businesses so... who's lying here?
  12. A simple refund is not a claim or dispute with a TD, I have no problem with Toro, he did refund me full, so I appreciate... I just want to know if it's true for future buys
  13. BTW your shipping time takes way too long, you tell people to send tracking code when it's shipped from Spain/uk to destination, but still I had to ask before I got it and it even was a wrong number. I remember once you told my watch was shipped but then there was a correction because you didn't ship because package was too heavy. Just be honest to people and be more understandable. So people, DON'T buy from Toro if you want a friendly service and a fast shipping (my experience) and no offense I have the money, I appreciate that from him, but I'd like him to come up with some pr
  14. I have the right to ask extra pics, you take 4 silly pictures and none of the clasp which I think is rather important... I emailed paypal telling you are a 'business' and they tell me it's not true, if so give me the link to their policy... Hide and seek? I've ordered from many TDs and I appreciate the full refund (in case it's true) but simply I didn't quite feel as good as when ordering with eg PT. If I ask them extra pics, they will let me know when they will take it and they are friendly. Maybe I hesitated afterwards, but that no excuse to not answering my questions. You had 320 eur
  15. Answer from Paypal: Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding a refund for 320.00 EUR. The information in your email is incorrect. If you have paid a sum of money and decide to have a refund, you are entitled to the full amount. The seller is not allowed to withhold the sellers fees. I can see in your transaction history that you have recieved the full amount back of 320.00 EUR. I hope that this has answered your query. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. Yours sincerely, Johan PayPal
  16. I paid for one watch that I don't want anymore now... so seller has to do a full refund. 320 euros and he said I will get only 307,.. if I want to be refunded
  17. Hi I ordered a watch from a TD, but now since I'm not happy with several watches and the QC, I requested a refund... But if the TD refunds me he said it' will not give back the fees (4%). He said it's a new rule for businesses who use paypal... Is this correct that if he refunds, I will get the amount - 4% of fees?
  18. Wimpie can't receive any new messages over here at RWG
  19. Can't get acces to forums... so can't do anything over at RG
  20. No but if I want to exchange something from Walmart, and that Walmart is closed I can always go to another Walmart store to get information about it right? Thanks legend for this helpful attribution to this topic! You really are a legend I must say
  21. I tried pm wimpie but I can't receive any messages ... weird
  22. Hi I can't get access to rep geek. can anyone activate my account over there? John71
  23. Wow great watch, I'm looking for vintage sea-dweller ! Enjoy it
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