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  1. I've been selling all the watches for some time ... And I bought one again and made some pictures of it. Regards.
  2. BeR10

    Some photos today

    Thanks for watching ! Regards.
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    Photos Sunday

  4. BeR10

    Photos Sunday

    Thx for watching. Enviado desde mi iPhone con Tapatalk
  5. Happy Birthday BeR10!

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    Some Photos

    Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
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    Some Photos

    Thanks guys!
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    Some Photos

    Thanks for watching.
  9. Happy Birthday BeR10!

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    Some of my photos

    Thanks guys!
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    Hello from Argentina!

    Welcome! Bienvenido!
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    Some of my photos

    Thanks guys! I use a Canon 550D + 18-55 and Aperture.
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    Hi from Spain

    Faltaba registrarme por aquí. Thanks guys!
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    Some of my photos

    It's a hobby I like the photography. Thanks for the comment.
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    Some of my photos

    Thanks Superposter