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  1. Raddave


    test yayy im the first !
  2. Whoa , thats hard core , what was the Richter # ? i lived though a 7.8 once
  3. another poor Cobra owner
  4. The clasp should extend far enough that you can get the screw out, at least on both of mine they did. Maybe you can slide the bracelet all the way to the smallest position so you can see why it wont open all the way up . Be careful taking that spring bars out, at the ends of that are 2 little tiny "shoes" that ride in the track on the clasp and those are a pain in the azz to get fitted back .
  5. yes sir i am , i was getting that a while back , but you had fixed it . but now its back im on an old chrome , because im on XP and cant update it
  6. all of a sudden im getting this on Chrome
  7. It so is ! Appreciate the protection though !
  8. Thanks Nanuq , but was not necessary , as that is the email i use for forum stuff
  9. Chris can you contact me on my email please ? r*e@e*t
  10. wow , thanks , i cant believe he mentioned me by name .....i must have rattled his cage a little
  11. Do you have a link for that ?
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