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  1. DI you chip to Canada? For the gmt2?

  2. Hey bud, saw that you had a watchsmith in LA who will work on reps, something I've been looking for for years.  Is he looking for more clients?  I would LOVE to have someone here.  Thanks man!  Best, Mark

  3. Hi. I have had no contact from buyer and you are next in line. My PP is alanbtmn@hotmail.com. The total is $268. Please let me have your delivery adress and I will get her shipped.



  4. Happy Birthday mmallers!

  5. I completely agree with you Panerai153, it appears to be 1 or 2 clicks to far clockwise. thanks for your input. What kind of strap do you have there?
  6. Big fan of this in brushed steel and gold. I'm interested in the 42mm, makes for a much classier dress watch.
  7. I actually didn't notice that but now its blatantly obvious. The 12 O'clock market is more to the right. Maybe one of the experts will chime in on this. I looked at some of the J-12 pictures and did not notice this.
  8. For some time I've had my eye on the Safari and think I'm about to move on one. I noticed pure-time released a new line of Noob Royal Oak's on bracelets last week. This is a great addition because I think very few people do anything with the fake croc straps except throw them in a box and leave them there. Can anyone chime in if this is a new version of the 42mm Noob or if it is just a re-release on steel. I've done my due diligence and think i'm going to go with the Noob over the JF and pic up an APBands strap. I've tried the gen on a few times and have noticed differences and imperfections between gens which is strange but seems somewhat common among AP watches. This should make for a nice little fanken project. If this is different than the older Noob, does the forum have an opinion??? Thanks, here are the pictures from puretime. PS: Can anyone chime in if this is the current bracelet dealers are selling that will fit the new AP Divers? I have a version 6.1 http://pure-time.com/product/royal-oak-offshore-safari-noob-11-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-a7750/
  9. Is this a fantasy model? The only one I could find that resembles the white dial with rose gold has dark green numbers and is referred to as the Mexico Addition.
  10. Happy Birthday mmallers!

  11. Happy Birthday mmallers!

  12. just out of curiosity how can you tell 100%
  13. Do you guys think this is real or fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/PANERAI-Deployment-Deployant-Buckle-Clasp-24mm-Black-Alligator-Band-Strap-New-/321115165386?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ac3f492ca I know the price is to go to be true because the price for the cheapest deployment on ebay is about $250 and that would mean the strap is very discounted. But still, selling has great reviews and lots of them.
  14. those are beauties! Such a classy look!
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