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  1. Just looking to diversify. I already have a Blk Sub and an LV. Thanks for the help. ~V
  2. I visited their store a few months back. Not many knowledgeable people working the counter. Had to wait 20 minutes for someone to answer a bezel question. I would only go back if i knew exactly what i needed. ~E
  3. apologies to mr. jfreeman420, but the trigger was pulled last week. thanks for all the help and input everyone! i will upload a few pictures upon the arrival of the Tank. ~V aka eNative
  4. I am thinking of pulling the trigger on a Cartier Franchine Tank ETA 2000. Any feedback on Paul's version and why the significant price difference between Paul and the other dealers? Thanks in advance! Wo Mart: $389 TrustyTime: $589 PerfectClones: $588
  5. Joe, Fantastic news! No huge story to tell regarding my engagement other than my wife had bought me the watch I was wearing! Its currently not running, but after 13yrs of marriage, i would will never give it up. So here it is......GUCCI 3300M. Regards, ~Vince aka eNative
  6. depending on day and time.....would love to meet my fellow SF RWGers
  7. The hours I spend reading/learning, totally worth the investment!
  8. No help needed. I donated $50 and paid for a yearly subscription! Thanks Ken and fellow RWGers for creating someplace special. I may not post much, but appreciate everyone's point of view. And lastly a note to all who haven't.....DONATE, SUBSCRIBE, & ENJOY! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL! ~eNative
  9. i apologize for my poor choice of topic for my first post. i suppose i should have asked "Who has the best sub?" or "What is a crown guard?" just wanted to share a positive experience. that being said....hope everybodies having great weekend!
  10. I am not by any means a watch aficionado, nor aspire to be. I just love the access to knowledge of members and experiences. Since moving from the old site, i have not posted a thing. My bad i guess since i have learned probrably more than sitting in front of a watch sales person. That being said....my inquiry... I have used Joe in the past, prior to his absence, and have been happy with all work done. I also have two watches out for some work. An LV, and a Pam111 that had some difficulty with the Mandaly Bay pool in Las Vegas. Joe has had my watches for 3 to 4 weeks. We have communicated almost every week on life, NC State football, and other items including watch updates. He has been nothing but honest with expectations with me. I knew it would take long. I accepted his eta's up front and shipped the watches. It is not my place to defend Joe, but only share my experiences which has been excellent. My question to the board......... In the last 60 days, who feels screwed by Joe? I have not. Respectfully, ~V
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