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  1. I was just thinking the same thing. You could really put some nice colours in the stitching to make it pop
  2. very cool find The memento mori style and love the novel way of telling time in the mouth of the skull Had a look at the rest of the pieces, fun collection
  3. Ah, I actually prefer the Jubilee bracelet on them. Makes it look more of a jewellery piece than a tool watch. There are some amazing bargains with Chopard L.U.C with the micro rotor complication on the used market. Lovely movements and interesting dials
  4. Gorgeous watch, wear it in good health. Love the long island case. Hope when you get sub and then onto the Daytona in a few years at retail. Hopefully they will see you are the 'real' customer whom they are looking for i.e isn't a flipper and is going to keep buying watches in the future from them. Might be an idea for myself as would love to buy a milgauss before it ends production anyway and ask if can put my name down for a panda daytona. I don't know why I've been put off batman, pepsi. What do you feel about them
  5. For the Daytona, unless you go and buy a regular in stock watch from Rolex they won't even put you on the waiting list. You'll just have to pay the markup, but it's relatively easy to sell if you want to sell on, so you shouldn't loose too much money on it. I have a rep crazy hours, is a fun watch to wear. Gen must be lovely. can't go wrong with a sub. It ticks every box : iconic, beautiful, historical , reliable and excellent value $$$ retention.
  6. Great idea and great watch, I find the design very interesting and in real life it looks a lot better than pictures I found. I think that would be something to put in a rotation and probably be worn a few days a month as it's quite striking watch. After I buy something now or if I choose to buy a rep for my primary watch then that would be a consideration for the next piece in the collection.
  7. Lol I would not be seen dead wearing off white or a Yeezy. Those whom do would have to wear a rainbow rose gold Rolex. I just don't wear much formal anymore as I used to before with suit and tie, at the most I'll wear a blazer with an open buttoned formal shirt. More of an Italian smart sporty look, and other times Italian semi smart when going to work.
  8. It's very elegant, maybe because my father had one I feel that it's more for an older gentleman, think when combined with my very modern street style clothing it would be out of place
  9. Lovely product and good cause. Thanks for sharing, hope a few of us will buy and help them out
  10. Likewise, I'm 10 years younger than you. This is why I'm leaning towards the replicas. Think that's it then Rolex Daytona arf v2 and live the replica lifestyle. Let some other mug fall into the horological trap
  11. and what watch would you buy with the remaining 22k if you hadn't got anything else to spend it on and everything else in life is sorted by a fair margin
  12. the VC overseas is a lovely model, I think it would be more for elegant wear though. I'm mostly in very relaxed environments so I don't think it would get much wrist time. If I were working in an office where wearing a suit and I like to dress sporty so instead of a more formal watch I would get one of these where an AP ROO would be too sports even for me to pull off. Great idea though, and definately I would recommend others to go for this model if it would be able to get the wrist time out of it
  13. Thankyou for this thought provoking question. This is really going to help me to delve deeper. I like things that are a LITTLE bit edgy and colourful (RM looks too messy). FP journe for an elegant watch (servicing costs are out of my league), MB&F for innovation (not a brand for those whom don't want to loose money), De Bethune (beautiful but out of my price range), artisans de geneve (simply stunning but unless I marry an Arabian princess highly unlikely I'll see that money in my lifetime). For design and sportiness I love the AP ROO. There is one for sale and quite reasonable but without box and papers but my watch dealer (partner, I buy and sell used watches with him but mostly <10k) friend said it's still not low enough for a watch without box and papers. https://www.chrono24.co.uk/audemarspiguet/royal-oak-offshore-chronograph--id14490688.htm Like you said I should not overly focus on being totally rational and tolerate some loss in running costs and an acceptable loss in value of the watch. On balance it seems like I just need to wait out for the right AP ROO Yes indeed, I think I just need to come to digest now that I have worked up to this level where I can spend this money without thinking too hard about retained value and servicing. Car wise I have a Porsche and a Ferrari, so I'm used to high bills. Just for some reason on the watches front the reps are such ridiculous value I find myself struggling to justify a real watch Great idea, I shall have a look around for one or maybe I'll treat myself to a new rep. and enjoy that til the market dips and keep searching into what I would really want to purchase.
  14. Love Grand Seiko for their history, their engineering (I'm an engineer by training and a high end wholesale jeweller which is why I can get away with the reps as nobody would think to question). However I find the design too conservative for my personal liking great idea! I shall go have a hunt around in the shops and try them on wrist to see if I can find anything that suits my taste. Love the speedy, great design and great heritage. If I were to ever become a collector I would certainly have one in there. I love the Rolex daytona panda and it would get a lot more street cred when I'm doing business. Now to go rep and save 20,000$ or gen
  15. Hi all, have been collecting reps for about 10 years now. I'm in a position to buy a gen, my budget is 25k USD approx, I can't wear gold watches due to my religious beliefs. I love the AP ROO but the exorbitant services prices put me off, and I have a rep AP diver & Ap diver carbon rep (just died a year ago after 5 years of good service). I find most Rolex steel models are being worn for purely 'image' and 'lifestyle' associated with 'bling' so buying a hulk or batgirl has become offputting to me, I don't even want to buy the rep. Daytona is still has a little classiness left (although the hype is ruining that too) so I could buy a gen panda but the replica is so similar for so little money and when I travel I can take it with me (I travel a fair amount). Patek nautilus would be lovely but is out of my price range and people often want to see my watch up close so the movement in the rep would give it away, aquanaught at 30k usd, I wouldn't pay 30k for it. Gold daytona, yachtmaster patek world timer would have been good shoutse but due to religious beliefs they are out. Other watches I've looked at in gen around 10k+ on the used market still take a massive hit when you try to sell and if I'm spending that much I would want it to retain value. If I were to buy gen, I would Ideally something with a well decorated movement and sapphire caseback. Also without silly servicing costs. F P journe for example I have heard nightmares about the servicing time period and price else if there was something non gold/platinum from them I would be onboard. Other reps I like are AP bumblebee, bronze big pilot, blancpain 50 fathoms. What's the point of buying gen on those will just end up costing tons of money when I can have the same thing without the risk of walking around in an expensive watch and saving the money for other things I have Big Pilot and top gun, Ap diver steel and carbon. Pam 253, PP aquanaught (can't wear much as people will see from the caseback it's a rep). I have others which I don't wearat all (frank muller jumping hour, Rolex DSSD, piaget upstream, omega seamaster with orange bezel.
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