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  1. today sent me the picture the great Domenico who ended my watch, there he is to you one of the most beautiful dials space dweller who have seen to date
  2. after so long, and after that I could not find a space dweller decent dial, I decided to ask a great person if he could build me a good face with the specifications as the original dial, this is the result, in my opinion the best dial done to date
  3. this is my new project just finished, and I have to say thank you to a great person who has managed to achieve all this Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. I sent photos to Whoopi of how to plan the space dweller
  5. immediately confirm the order for the project
  6. I asked about repgeek to whoopy12 if I build a dial space dweller said yes, what do you think will be able to do good?
  7. Where can I find spring bars how your
  8. Yuki has written on the dial are wrong most of the small original
  9. no one can give me pointers on the dial which is best?
  10. I want to build me a Rolex 1016 space dweller, I watch case JMB, movement eta low beat, bacelet gen 7836 EDLink 280 gen, I miss crown and tube gen, plexi gen, but the most important thing is a dial space dweller beautiful and written just the right size, I saw one of Yuki but has written the wrong size, what do you advise me to take and from whom to buy?
  11. the only changes are to be given the crown and the minute hand? profile case is fine for a 1016?
  12. What do you think of this , you have to make many changes to make it very 1016 ?
  13. Case set is not good for space dweller? the price is high? How can i contact JMB?
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