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  1. hbkiddy

    Saturday 08/03/2014

    GBOGH ... Nice!
  2. Well I started something didn't I?! It's interesting when you review, because there seem to be so many opinions... and not enough spare cash!!!
  3. hbkiddy

    Help me choose from this list...

    Depends on when and where you want to wear it? As an example, I love Panerai, but find they tend to have more of a casual look... I struggle when wearing a suit and shirt to carry the look off!
  4. hbkiddy

    Suggest me a dress-watch

    Prefer this Lange myself!
  5. Good work. Even experienced buyers may have been lured by done of their prices.
  6. hbkiddy

    Did you ever get lucky on ebay?

    Got to say, I've had no luck with eBay on anything, let alone watches!!
  7. But... What in everybody's opinion are the top 5 Rep vs. Gen Closest to Original Reps available today? Any ideas everybody?!
  8. And say 'Hello' again!! Been away for a while but now back... Looking forward to speaking to you all at some point... Hopefully!
  9. Welcome to the forums hbkiddy :)