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  1. Its been a horrible day today, more snow again and now rain but your two photos on your method of drying a watch made my day and gave me a good chuckle Thanks.
  2. My Gen U-Boat Flightdeck today, which I will be putting up for sale soon. And tonight out to dinner with friends I will wear this set, my 005 with blue croc strap and that bracelet with matching blue Burmese Topaz.
  3. I was told is a 421 but I can't find it on any list to compare. Nice dial and numbers color anyway.
  4. I looked and I saw many images but no number, anyway thanks.
  5. I am looking for the model # of this pam, all I know it is called Radiomir 3 day GMT it has a display case back.
  6. For that price, I hope they gave you a chauffeur and a Bentley to drive you home. Super nice watch, one day maybe I can afford it enjoy.
  7. An amazing collection, love that blue strap I see also no SS strap. You are a master at taking photo as well.
  8. It was great meeting some new member again at the GTG in NJ, great time together chatting about watches. Awesome collection of watches everyone had, got the chance to see so many other brands than the pams I have and some were very impressive. You all missed a fun GTG day, good company food and watches. Mike you did an outstanding job putting this together hope you can make it ever bigger next time, very much appreciated Bud.
  9. I would rather spend $30 on a so so bottle of wine first before that one.
  10. I just got one and it's the next best thing to slice bread.
  11. This is one of my favorite old style watches, (Pulsar Led from the late 60's early 70's being my favorite) that I was looking to buy but found out he is near completing a new model that will be usb re-chargeable.
  12. The best time keepers for me is my gen U-Boat Flightdeck, a wrist clock not a watch lol. The other one is my Omega Railmaster XXL, I very rarely wear any of my pams to notices there time keeping too many to choice from.
  13. Happy Birthday burg650!

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