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  1. I’m not saying any different? I’m saying there’s no way that’s an unworn watch
  2. yes hes putting them up for sale this week sometime
  3. As the question says? I’ve a few watches that are sticking how about I raffle them? With video of the draw?
  4. I think it’s a load of nonsense, that’s never an unworn watch look at the sticker on the back, dirt on the inner clasp, missing stamped certificate? Also the cost? Seems very cheap even for a watch bought in 1974? Also dated 1971? So 3 yrs in the shop before it was sold? A lot don’t ring true in this story for me sorry.
  5. I’d love one but can’t find any sites selling them
  6. nevermind its the winding crown given up
  7. I’ve recently taken A deep-sea part ex with a eta movement it has an issue cannot wind it or adjust hands etc I think it’s a problem with keyless works ? Anybody recomend someone who can repair it? 20200121_144248.mp4
  8. Same sort of money as what I paid as well I’m gutted only had about a months use out of it
  9. Tucked up again I’ve been will I ever learn
  10. It’s supposed to be the clone movement as only bought in November
  11. Surely someone can make a bigger spring? More beefier?
  12. Anybody. Know any sites where I can buy one? As I’d love a rep of this
  13. Crazy a watch that cost this much money and no one will work on it, more money lost to the rep world do I bite the bullet or send it back? Problem is it might never get there surely someone can make this spring? Or can a dealer supply it?
  14. I bought a gmt from a dealer in November it’s now playing up anyone know what the fix is? Basically the small hand seems to be slipping when adjusted or watch running and watch is losing hours of time, it still runs fine and everything seems to work apart from the small hand, I don’t want to send it back as last time I had to I lost the watch and my money, so I’m hoping someone can help, fix it? Or if anyone knows anyone who can look at it?
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