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  1. thegrail

    Rolex replica

    All on this forum you need to search through trusted sellers.
  2. thegrail

    What Omega are you wearing today?

    Gen seamaster chrono
  3. I think you need to with this one as sub dials are terrible, nothing like a gen one
  4. I have a mixture of both gens and reps( mainly reps) the quality of reps has got so much better over the years that it does make you wonder? Why do I bother buying real? Last year I bought a brand new omega planet ocean chrono for £4,700, within 6 weeks the winder fell of? They offered to repair but I didn’t want it back so took other watches instead, so sometimes even when buying a real watch the Qc is not good, I’m sticking to reps for now but have to agree prices have gone crazy lately, I really fancy thenewdaytona myself, perhaps if I sell a few I’m not wearing I will buy one, price is crazy for a rep though.
  5. thegrail

    Clone 3135 movement

    A very poor rep look at the dial I’d never wear that unless it was a knock about to work in, I would not bother putting a 3135 movement anywhere near that.
  6. thegrail

    Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 11650

    I would not show those details in here
  7. thegrail

    Why so many time wasters lately?

    I would rather not at the moment
  8. thegrail

    Why so many time wasters lately?

    Yes normally that’s what it’s like but I’ve had three buyers answering quick all week then when they decide to buy it and ask for pp address I don’t here again from them?
  9. thegrail

    Why so many time wasters lately?

    no its not that i had had a few last week talking over a few days agree a price, give paypal address then here nothing again
  10. I’ve sold and unsold two watches several times this week to newbies? Who ask for PayPal info then you don’t here from them again? Do you think they are trying to gain passwords to those PayPal accounts to scam people? It’s happened to much this week now?
  11. thegrail

    Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 11650

    What are you talking about?