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  1. Sh3135 winding

    Just rear cover
  2. Sh3135 winding

    I dont know what its called just checked one by the winding stem and it was loose so tightend it and it was sorted
  3. Sh3135 winding

    I had a problem and it was a loose screw simple tweak job done.
  4. State of affairs in REP Hobby

    It does make you think, I have around 15 real good reps highest available quality and also have 6 gens, the price is going up and up though,gone are the days of cheap reps but when your as mad as me on watches, then it's a good thing they are going up, as that way I have to clear some out before I buy more, otherwise I would have 50 watches.
  5. I would say all reps the hulk and datejust are anyway
  6. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    I've been thinking of getting one Of these as well let me know what it's like when it comes
  7. Two Different Takes on the JMB Case-Set

    Love the white one
  8. Isnt this forum the best?

    It's the only one I use
  9. Removing rehaut on submariner?

    Ok any advice on where to start? I'm pretty good I can strip out the movement etc but not sure about bezel and glass?
  10. Removing rehaut on submariner?

    I looked everywhere no could not find one nowhere so I bought one with the engraving and I hate it.
  11. Removing rehaut on submariner?

    It's not so much a problem, I just prefer an older sub without it, just wanted info on either doing it myself, or getting someone to do it.
  12. Anyone know how easy it is to remove the rehaut on a submariner rep? Or anyone that can do it? Looks ugly as hell