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  1. So is it for sale? And what price
  2. Yeah by the look of it, pearl looks odd though yellow colour?
  3. thegrail

    Interesting site!

    I would stay well clear of that site
  4. Looks like it’s had a movement swap to me
  5. thegrail

    Best quality ladies watch replica under $500?

    I like the look of one of these, think my missus is due one soon, I need to have a clear out so may get her one http://www.trustytime.club/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21_164&products_id=19361
  6. Wow wish I could get to this stage but so worried I’d break it and it would never work again, so I will stick to, I’m ok taking a few bits of but nothing like this.
  7. I tend not to get full gold ones, not because plating is bad but because the weight is always to light for gold, so I’ve tried a few but always end up getting rid, I do however have a few two tone subs one with a wrapped bracelet and one with a standard gold plated, both are occasionally worn so the gold is still like new, as long as not worn everyday and rotated should not be a problem for many many years.
  8. thegrail

    Speedy Pro Moon watch vs FOIS

    I have a 1971 omega speedmaster space watch manual wind with straight writting back a very easy to wind watch and straight forward. Not one I’d sell though as these are only going up in value.
  9. I regularly buy from Joshua but his sites down anyone know his new web address?
  10. thegrail

    Rolex replica

    All on this forum you need to search through trusted sellers.
  11. thegrail

    What Omega are you wearing today?

    Gen seamaster chrono