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  1. Anybody buy from www.iswws.net

    Yeah going to give it a wide berth I think after googling the site nothing but bad reviews also spoken to person running it and didn't like his response so I will leave it https://www.iswss.net/article-13-How+to+buy.html
  2. Anybody buy from www.iswws.net

    What do you mean? https://www.iswss.net/article-13-How+to+buy.html
  3. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    Doesn't look anything like a 2824 though? I'm talking about the one on trusty time which is like the new movement Rolex are using.
  4. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    It looks very much like the new Rolex movement they are using in this model
  5. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    Hands look ok to me on trustys one with copy movement ? Really hard to resist this one looks great need to sell something first I think
  6. Anybody buy from www.iswws.net? Some nice stuff just wanted to know if site was safe or not ?
  7. How is phong's engraving?

    Did anyone solve the engraving problem?
  8. Here's the main 3, the others are just cheaper tissots im giving a few to my kids and my wife's had one
  9. just to let you know all sorted out had several watches from them in the end all gens of course, a breiting super ocean yellow dial( my fave) a hamilton khaki chrono, a tag formula one auto, and several tissots so happy days i think i had a good deal as they messed up on the breitling price as well so ended up getting over £6,000 worth of watches for just over £4,000.
  10. Ok great let me know what it's like
  11. Looks great still want the air king though, as I already have a TC sub so can wait a bit longer for that really tempted with air king.
  12. Yeah I like that but prefer the airking, but not sure if they are all going to be missing screws and clamps? Will have to ask if love sub as well but need to sell a few first.
  13. http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_236&products_id=16266 quite like this airking as well, but movement holding screws are missing? And when watch is adjusted in video it looks like it's all moving around to me? Could be the light ? Don't know which one to go for?
  14. What's this movement like? I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on this one and selling my TC sub