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  1. Any body got the new Trusty time website ?
  2. That’s the way I used to do it, and nearly always had problems that way, now I just unscrew to first position (winding position) and pop out stem then, I’ve done this on genuine rolex and Breitling watches without problem.
  3. Yep I have t accounts now with over £100 stuck in them ones been over 6 months all I get is automated email load of rubbish the won’t Give me my money
  4. The winding position is when you remove a stem? No other position
  5. I’ve had problems with keyless works in the past, but I was removing stems wrongly, now I know how to remove stems correctly I have not had any problems I used to pull stems out to adjustment level, before pushing button to get out, this is wrong, you need to push button when it’s in position 1, I’ve done several since including a genuine Rolex Datejust, genuine Breitling 7750, and several eta watches, I’ve also rebuilt keyless works and most movement faults.
  6. It is terrible, they make their own rules won’t even tell you what you have done wrong, or even answer you when there’s a problem load of [censored].
  7. You want get this model anywhere anymore .
  8. Perfect clones sites been seized anyone have new one?
  9. And don’t want to either !
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