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  1. Perfect clones sites been seized anyone have new one?
  2. And don’t want to either !
  3. I bought a brand new oris TT for my 40th birthday (8 yrs ago) I had the watch and straight away noticed the markers on the dial looked corroded, so I took the watch back to crouch, where they agreed there was a fault, so they ordered me another one in, this was just as bad if not worse than the first one, so I had a third watch, which was ok, not perfect as had a few specs of dust under dial, so I quite agree about oris watches, I would not by a gen again, I would by a rep though, as they are probably built better than the gens from what I’ve seen.
  4. Another pointless post by this clown.
  5. That’s very nice I wonder if they Will copy that?
  6. What about charge backs? That’s worst thing for me, I mean eBay are now giving 6 months when you buy something, I hate selling on eBay as it’s a mine field, and just fingers crossed they don’t charge back.
  7. Back up to his old tricks what a fool.
  8. What a post ! Says it all about you.
  9. Do you really have to ask? Not even a good quality rep.
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