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  1. thegrail

    Planet Ocean Chronograph options

    I like both it's what you like that matters, you can get them now with all working sundials just compare to gen ones, then when your happy go for it.
  2. thegrail

    Casio Royale Rep

    I recently bought the gen for £14.99 delivered from amazon on offer , its back up to £23 odd now
  3. thegrail

    Is this a decent GMT rep?

    What's dhg?
  4. thegrail

    sub 11610 gen or fake

    Is this real or gen? What's serial number?
  5. thegrail

    First rep purchases in a really long time.

    It amazes me how much work has gone into that? Must take hours to make
  6. thegrail

    A3186 keeps getting stuck at 56s

    Doubt it hand hitting glass, more than likely dirt in the movement at that particular spot
  7. thegrail

    Noob is sold on Amazon

    I think they are offering Rep subs if you read description https://www.amazon.co.uk/Luxusmarke-Submariner-Automatic-movement-Cerachrom/dp/B07C9MM2TC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529143796&sr=8-1&keywords=Noob+v7
  8. thegrail

    My first order! From Trustytime!

    Nice I would wear that no problem
  9. Hello thegrail,


    I love this kind of response on my ads, it's very good to encourage buyers.

    For information Esdee is an artist who manufactures himself small series of Panerai (Mille Metri, welded lugs, radiomir ...), he lives in US, well known on Homageforum.com (for me one of the most specialized and qualitative site for those who want advices and like high grade rep)

    His watches aren’t made in Asia, when Esdee is decided he "offers" a small series of watches in subscription, it’s necessary to preorder your watch and pay a deposit, then you have only to wait, I waited a year for the Mille Metri and 1 year 1/2 for a welded lugs.

    My Mille Metri cost me $1.250 + $190 for new ETA (same as gen MM) + gen Bonatto strap + EFL buckle + blue cardboard box, fees, like new, total approx. $1.610.

    Mille Metri of Esdee has been tested by buyers at 600m (water resistance), I doubt that Trusty manufactures watches as waterproof.

    I think the price isn’t surprising for those who like quality watches, it's the market price for the rare Esdee watches that are on sale (welded lugs are less expensive because much easier to make).

    Best regards.



  10. thegrail

    Fake Tag buying

    Use trusted dealers on here
  11. thegrail

    JF16610 lose bezel, any advice appreciated

    Cheap repair is dental floss sounds made but if done correct does work fine
  12. thegrail

    This is my collection

    Very nice
  13. thegrail

    Sh 3135 to gen

    Amazing work wish I had the patience