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  1. What the hell are you talking about? You make no sense at all.
  2. Yes I do have a Swiss movement in it, it’s a Franken.
  3. Many thanks for above comments, I have several of this type of genuine movement, I know how to set the date on them, this was not working from the of, I’ve dealt with seller several times myself, without problem , but this has not just happened, the fault or a fault was already there, date was half turned when it came to me, hence why I tried to adjust it, and yes I moved hands first out of between 9 and 3, so I know I’m not at fault, I may take you up on your offer ceejay.
  4. I think this is why I’ve had broken watch dumped on me, it looks really involved to fix, and not cheap, oh well you think you can trust someone, that’s now gone.
  5. Yes in Uk can you fix this fault? And if so how much
  6. yes date change wont change on quick set
  7. No I’m not just asking if anyone knows about it, it’s the breitling I’ve just bought from here supposed to be working faultless but it’s not £500 for a broken watch, I’m gutted. also date quick change not working properly, the seller says ive caused the problem, but i know i havent, its just a shame as i thought he was more honest than that, my luck lately with watches. 20190228_114350.mp4
  8. Anybody know anyone that can fix date fault on Swiss 7750? Date not changing manually, and changes at wrong time?
  9. very interesting and the best part if £100 but he has serviced it as well so ok.
  10. That’s what my watch guy done he glued it to plastic part so at least it’s solid it’s all fixed now, dirt was the cause in the end something bunged up somewhere.
  11. I’ve just told him to strip it and find fault now and get it back running.
  12. my watch guy removed the dial today and took rotor of but could not see anything, the dial was damaged from when it came and is only being held onto the watch by the hands, no feet on the dial, not very well put togther and certainly not as described to me.
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