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  1. A wooden tooth pick also does the job or toothbrush
  2. I’ve got one if your interested
  3. I’d be pushing them together don’t think they are welded think just a pin with tapered end, I’ve had this on a few straps it will fall apart in the end if you do nothing.
  4. Have you tried screwing it back without movement in? As it needs putting back in and locktighting or glue then unscrew winder of crown to leave the screw in part
  5. From that photo ? Serious
  6. The button is the silver part at bottom corner of drawing, make sure shaft is in when you press button in and not pulled out
  7. Balance is free that’s problem think this is another knackered watch, happening to often to me lately that’s all I seem to be getting , is it easy to get out? I’m fairly good with removing replacing parts etc
  8. profit? all ive done is lose money, even on the spring for sale, which came out of a $500 watch that was 2 months old, ive never been in this game to profit, i tell the truth when i do a deal, as for the back, there wasnt one on offer you done ok, as for bezel thats BS it turns fine another lie of yours, no epoxy there as i flipped it of to get it checked, so i know 100% another lie.
  9. Where is this part? Behind dial? Or at the back?
  10. Just to warn people of georgiworld swapped me 2 watches for a genuine 14kt gold and steel sub case and strap clasp, one a deep sea seadweller that he said worked fine but winder sometimes slipped, well it don’t work at all it’s knackered can’t even wind it or adjust hands, the other he valued at $400 an older explorer 2 which had been made to look older than it was, it was basically a 21 jewel movement watch with a few things done , like face tarnished , hands scuffed etc, I wasn’t impressed when I saw it and only sold it for £200, moral of the story, don’t take people at their word as there’s
  11. Is it an easy fix? Expensive?
  12. No it’s not that as I’ve removed movement, second hand is solid can’t move it, yet balance is running fine but hand won’t move
  13. I’ve got a submariner 3335 clone not a yuki second hand is stuck, its solid even when pushed runs for a few seconds then stops dead, balance is free second hand is solid any ideas?
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