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  1. Yeah thanks none of those are an Aquis I want though
  2. I have asked trusty but first he said he could get one, then he said he can’t so back to square one.
  3. That’s the one but who are they?nrather buy through trusted dealers
  4. I want an Aquis not a barrier reef I’ve seen those, I’m after a plain blue face Aquis replica
  5. Anyone know where I can get an Oris Aquis replica? I’ve seen a few on YouTube and quite fancy one, but can’t find one for sale on usual sites? Any ideas?
  6. Hi mate ssteel has given your name if bought a Rolex datejust 2135 movement from mymanmatt the watch stopped after 2 days he thinks it’s mainspring, what would you charge me to look at it and fit mainspring? It’s all genuine Rolex apart from case 

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    2. Ado213



      Yes I've done it today, but it needs testing and casing up, so a couple of days yet


      Best Regards


    3. thegrail
    4. thegrail


      Fingers crossed I will have it in time for my wife’s birthday on the 27th? 

  7. My wife’s 31mm strap on her datejust is loose, it’s a new style clasp with just a little point sticking out, it opens at the smallest touch, anyway to adjust this? Make it tighter? As nothing to adjust?
  8. A wooden tooth pick also does the job or toothbrush
  9. I’ve got one if your interested
  10. I’d be pushing them together don’t think they are welded think just a pin with tapered end, I’ve had this on a few straps it will fall apart in the end if you do nothing.
  11. Have you tried screwing it back without movement in? As it needs putting back in and locktighting or glue then unscrew winder of crown to leave the screw in part
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