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  1. Thanks Dane! No, it's a custom made croc strap. I got 2 one for me and one for my wife's watch: I felt the gen strap and this is softer.
  2. Maybe with a high power microphone. I've only tried with standard hands-free microphone.
  3. Absolutely true, it works better with some watches, it depends of how noisy is each one. I just want to keep a record of every watch, nothing serious. I'm not by any way an expertise to regulate a watch.
  4. Not really, last night i had to wait until my wife and daughter went to bed to get really quiet and have a good read and it didn't read in two watches only had a good read in one.
  5. Ooops sorry for that! Try no talk so loud because i'll do my reads too.
  6. Hahaha! That was my exactly my point!
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