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  1. Elchino

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Calibre Diver today
  2. Elchino

    December 3 2016

    Thanks Dane! No, it's a custom made croc strap. I got 2 one for me and one for my wife's watch: I felt the gen strap and this is softer.
  3. Elchino

    Watch timing app

    Maybe with a high power microphone. I've only tried with standard hands-free microphone.
  4. Elchino

    Watch timing app

    Absolutely true, it works better with some watches, it depends of how noisy is each one. I just want to keep a record of every watch, nothing serious. I'm not by any way an expertise to regulate a watch.
  5. Elchino

    Watch timing app

    Not really, last night i had to wait until my wife and daughter went to bed to get really quiet and have a good read and it didn't read in two watches only had a good read in one.
  6. Elchino

    Watch timing app

    Ooops sorry for that! Try no talk so loud because i'll do my reads too.
  7. Elchino

    Watch timing app

    Hahaha! That was my exactly my point!