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  1. Bought from 2 different sources so far and they are all to small and the magnification is obviously nowhere near 2.5x. THANKS!
  2. Dude, this ia an obvious scam from moment one. Odds are that the best case you end up with a fake and if you do the face to face bit you get mugged for the cash. Craig's list is a harbor for con artists and this guy is an obvious amateur. Do yourself a favor, IF you want a genuine just do your due diligence and watch TZ/WUS/VRF/TRF and be PATIENT. You'll find one eventually that will work for you. NOBODY sells a Rolex for substantially UNDER market unless they're a helluva' friend to the seller. They are simply WAY to EASY to sell as there are WAY too many buyers itching to purchase.
  3. Just begging for a folded link Oyster IMOP.
  4. I think it looks great! I have a pretty good Exp II sitting in my watch drawer....hmmmmm
  5. Then find a quality movement and replace the junker and your good to go for a LOT less $$$. Problem solved...
  6. Yep, what he said 100%.. Let's take Rolex as an example....yes they are 904, yes it's an in house movement in the latest versions (and a darn fine one), yes the fit/finish on the latest are really good (not so on the older versions), etc. etc. etc. HOWever, I've seen some watches frankened by some guy's on here that are right up there with genuine. Plop a genuine movement in them and they would be practically INdistinguishable from genuine. (IF they are distinguishable) There was a thread running on VRF awhile back in which some of the dealers on there were warning guy's how good the frankens were getting. They listed several examples of how hard it was for them to determine if a watch was "fake"....especially with the vintage stuff they deal with a lot. IF those guy's are having a difficult time determining if a watch is genuine at times then imagine the average AD, much less their staff. To me that's the ultimate example how good SOME replicas have become today. I can tell you this from personal experience. I've owned/own many fine watches over the years, including every SS Rolex Sport model other than the YM and Daytona, and I have SERIOUS reservations about EVER buying another. (unless it was THE "deal" of all deals ) The primary reason (other than the outlandish price tag now days) is I'd feel somewhat ripped off knowing that the Chinese can manufacture and sell a watch with comparable components for $400.00 (and turn a tidy profit) while Rolex wants 7k USA for, more or less, the same SS watch....and yes, I'm MORE than aware about 904 vs. 316, COSC, long term resale, quality of a Rolex movement, etc. etc. etc. You could also substitute Panerai/Omega and several other brands in place of Rolex.
  7. LOL.....I THOUGHT about it, but, as a long time member there I wouldn't want to blow my cover. After a few days it would probably be an interesting thread to read. I'm 100% with you on the 1655. I CANNOT believe somebody would do that to such a classic Rolex, much less expect to sell it like it were a prime example of a 1655. Man, just take a Steinhart/Avier/MKII homage and have it pvd/dlc, but, not a 1655.
  8. IF you like that one you'll really like this one....a sacrilege to do this to a true classic... http://www.watchguru.com/WatchFiend/Watch-Details/Rolex/Explorer-II-Orange-Hand-PVD/12463 I like PVD/DLC as much as most, but, man to do that to a 1655 is beyond me....
  9. OI812


    The whole deal is laughable at best. Unless the Chineses GOVERNMENT R E A L L Y cracks down (doubtful) then all of this is like screaming help in the middle of the Yukon.
  10. I'd take one too...what tha' heck, if it'll keep time it'd be a decent turbo-beater....
  11. I've owned/own a bunch of them, and they aren't... Especially with the older, more vintage, Rolexes.
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