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  1. Stephane

    Rolex 1680 - Gen vs. Rep Comparison

    Agreed. Very nice looking ! Wish I could have kept mine 😉 Enjoy and wear it in good health 🙏
  2. Stephane

    Rolex 1680 - Gen vs. Rep Comparison

    The 1680 is a wonderful watch for sure. Congrats on the built. Here is a blast from the past with some pics of a genuine I owned and some pics of the first rep that a fellow helped me bring to life. A Rolex 1680 From 1978 and some more photos ! Too bad we did not save all those pictures back then 😤
  3. Stephane

    MBW/MBK numbers...

    Mine, which is from around 2007, TTK, is a "ORIG POLEX DESIGN 5513" with a serial L341102 :-)
  4. I made a new attempt here... I wonder if this one will show?
  5. Had the same issue a while back. Couldn't reply to topics or messages and of course the not showing in sales too. The reply box came back and works now... I didn't do anything special. I'm on win 10 / Chrome. When it happened I tried with several browsers from my win 10 laptop, nothing worked ... T. Said it's a mystery but I believe there is more to it as now I'm not the only one!
  6. Stephane

    RWI moderators in da house

    Well done and Welcome
  7. Stephane

    Hello all

    Well, not only the name is old Good to see you here my dear.
  8. Stephane

    Some of my old watch photography

    Oh, well, not a lot. 16665 (the ongoing Great White Saga one...now with gen hands and some kind of re-painted gen dial) 1680 (gen re-whatever dial) Exporer II old model, Noob, black of course Ingie from the good old days The UPO is still around And a Noob Deep Sea which I really can't wear anymore as it is too "show off" for my fragile ego now. In short, no more genuine in the box, no new reps and basically no more funds But life is way better these days...got rid of that addiction and of another one much more catastrophic that led me to a new life after loosing everything except hope
  9. Stephane

    Some of my old watch photography

    You (R)Ebel. No matter how much I love your photo of their watches, I never really got attracted by them. Still a black dial guy.
  10. Stephane

    Some of my old watch photography

    Good to see you back mate! You bought a new rep? Shit, I was ONLY thinking of getting a Tudor. Did resist for months if not years. Now you triggered the desire again! Good to see those photos of you again
  11. Happy Birthday wherever you are and whatever you do, may you have a serene and peaceful day M.
  12. Stephane

    Rolex Aficionados Please chime in...

    Interesting. I didn't know they introduced the SEL 93250 that year. It makes sense : 580 followed by 501B then SEL...the turning point of the 16610.
  13. Stephane

    Rolex Aficionados Please chime in...

    Welcome back
  14. Stephane

    Rolex Aficionados Please chime in...

    My beloved and now sold 16610. Not Swiss Made, but Swiss. Genuine. 580/501b as replacement. Enjoy!