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  1. HI there,

    While browsing the site I noticed that you mentioned that you were near Niagara, which is where I live. I have been trying to find any locals who would sell me a watch as I am trepidacious about ordering from overseas since I don't have a credit card and couldn't cancel a transaction if it went bad/scam. Any advice?

  2. My "Take" of "Old School" Members

    And it'll only get worse starting tomorrow for the next few months... And I sometimes wear my pam to the gym.
  3. Late MidWeek Wrist Check thread

    Still wearing this.
  4. That issue is over

    V, that's just crazy talk! You're here for good.
  5. New Week Wrist Check Thread!

    I would never compare a McRib to real smoked bbq ribs...the McRib stands alone on its own merits.
  6. New Week Wrist Check Thread!

    Thanks dluddy. Yet another watch I wouldn't have picked up if not for RWG. *shakes fist at RWG*
  7. New Week Wrist Check Thread!

    LOL! They're not easy to find!
  8. New Week Wrist Check Thread!

    Been a while since I've posted a new wristie. Here goes. My "ultimate 1:1" moonwatch.
  9. Some recent PAM work...

    I think The Zigmeister's aquatimer lume shows he's somehow able to control surface tension to produce square droplets. RG, those pieces look awesome. I can't wait to send my 202 to you for T-dial treatment whenever you're open for appts again.
  10. I'm using Chrome

    That's soooooo Thursday's news.
  11. And so it begins...

    Hellooooooo NURSE!
  12. Great link on Super Luminova

    RG, thx for posting. Good to hear your eye is better. Did you get my email about luming a piece I just procured? :D
  13. Latest AP ROO [email protected]

    Hmm...is it just me or is the dial the correct cream colour too?