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  1. monty010

    IWC bracelet?

    Most dealers can source them. And found one or two on aliex Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. Oké subscribed seeing omega is one of my favorites also. Can't wait to see the follow-up's
  3. Happy Birthday monty010!

  4. Happy Birthday monty010!

  5. Happy Birthday monty010!

  6. A happy and healthy new year to all!!
  7. Wise words to live by. Merry Christmas Ken. Sent from my 
  8. Congratulations Mate, It's one of the best things in the world. We are expecting our second between now and 4 weeks. Enjoy your son. And sleep well
  9. Thanks Paul for your advice. I went with a cheaper model This time seeing its my first Time to order a rep. And didn't want to fork out for a 300$ one just yet. With Christmas and a second kid on the way. But my order arrived in the netherlands yesterday so I'm waiting to see if and when it clears customs etc. and if this cheap one looks just a little bit nice. Well it's my birthday Next month so you can guess what I'll be getting myself
  10. Well my package arrived at the "inward office of exchange" so the wait is on seeing that its the Netherlands and customs and our postal service are not that great
  11. Thanks all. I'm glad I found this forum, all the story's Have been so helpful. And I just can't seem to leave tapatalk alone ;-) I ordered my first rep with Andrew yesterday. A cheaper 45 PO. Waiting for the pictures now. And can't wait to see what customs thinks of my new hobby.
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