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  1. You have 15 posts and you're dictating the "way to deal with people"? Are you kidding me? This is the most childish move I've ever seen on this forum. Why would you leave feedback for Warbird despite no transaction? You should be ashamed of your ridiculous behavior. Even if you manage to avoid the hammer, good luck selling anything on here ever again. Sorry to hear about your vandalised rep Warbird, hope the mods can clean it up.
  2. No it's not good. Whether you should order it is up to you.
  3. If one TD doesn't have it in stock, try another one.
  4. The issue is the angle of the pictures. Express this to the TD to clear up things and get some better pictures. This is why I deal with Sead/Supermirrors only, who doesn't even provide QC. The reason being is that he meticulously inspects all his watches for faults, as to not waste time with rejections. It's all about trust.
  5. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Authentic-Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Oceans-XL-/191338000711?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:CA:1123 Seller also refuses to show pictures of the movement on request, scammer to the core. Makes me really suspicious about the other watches he has listed. Can anyone comment on the Tags/Breitlings/Cartiers he's also selling?
  6. I think a thread this depressing needs to be exhumed every so often, so we can learn and reflect
  7. Puretime are pretty pure though, especially when it comes to time. Alternatively try another TD. List's on the front page.
  8. No, it's actually really easy, use the search engine. BP factory or the AT factory. AT factory uses decorated miyota movements with a slightly lower beat than the gen. Some believe the price of movement should dictate a lower price, but the price starts at $340+shipping. Bracelet is apparently quite cheap. But the AT factory rep itself is the best replication. Simple
  9. The font is not off, and don't purchase the blue. It is the most inaccurate out of all of them. Get the grey if any, as it was used to replicate the original rep.
  10. No, but I used to own the blue. The rep blue is quite stunning, and the blue turns to a near black in low light/indoors, but the gen is more of a goofy smurf blue colour. Other things to note with the SMPc is the lume markers are more domed whereas they are generally flat on the gen, The case is slightly thicker, theres a small gap between the SEL and the rest of the bracelet, and the hour hand has a imperfection with one of the lume lines where it's irregularly thin, on literally every SMPc I've ever seen, it's kinda bizarre. The pearl is also sticking out, but this can be fixed. Here's my old blue:
  11. I would suggest getting the black smp. The blue colour is off, a pretty typical issue with reps.
  12. Lol it's a pretty major error. Not obvious to the everyday person To be honest the pearl is a much bigger give-away.
  13. As per title, would an older Omega SMP 2531 gen bracelet fit onto a BP rep ceramic SMP model? Thanks.
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